5RD – Dorron’s Tower

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Dorron's Tower
Dorron’s Tower (300 dpi promo)

Dorron’s Tower isn’t so much a tower as an ascending dungeon structure. There are two entrances into the structure – one leads into the buttressed central chamber where Dorron’s Emerald used to sit on a plinth mounted on the central dais. Around the chamber are a number of small “windows” that ascend in a spiral pattern along the walls between the buttresses – each allowing people in the upper chambers to look down upon the central chamber and the emerald.

Dorron's Tower
Dorron’s Tower (1200 dpi)

The second entrance leads into these four chambers, each one higher than the last. A fifth chamber rests beyond the fourth, only accessible via a long-hidden (and wizard-locked) secret door, or by climbing the walls of the central chamber to get to the small window into the chamber. This last room has another plinth identical to the one that once held…

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