D&D Diary – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight – Session 15

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Where we homebrew the journey to the Land of Yon, I find a noble steed, and a bad deal breaks a companion forever.

Witchlight alt Title squareWe bid farewell to this adorable kitty-cat, but we’ll be back.

When last we left our heroes, we had just defeated one of the main hags of the adventure. Notice I said defeated, not killed, because she ran away before we could finish her off. But with Skabatha out of the picture, we were free to loot her house, which gave us several of our “lost” items, curing several curses. We also rescued a unicorn named Elidon and reunited him with his mate, Lamorna. We haven’t removed the curse that turned this unicorn into a rocking horse, but we’re working on it.

Unicorn Lake fullThe most laborious quest of the entire campaign.

In addition to the unicorn, we also rescued another four children from Skabatha’s sweatshop, bringing the…

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