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Saturday Night was a beginning session for a new campaign being run by Rev. Derek for the group. Following on from the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay mini-campaign, Derek has chosen to play MythrasMythic Britain and we were creating characters.

We opted to roll and assign the core characteristics – think: BRP’s usual array – and I was reminded of how much fun it can be to discover your character from random rolls. The process was the incremental design of a character from the clues given by the dice.

For example, the rolls were made: five 3d6 scores, and two 2d6+6 scores. I rolled 9, 10, 12, 10, 13 and 10, 14. The two latter scores are for INT and SIZ; I was drawn to assign the 14 to SIZ, making him a burly type of fellow. That left the 10 for INT and average smarts. Then I noticed the…

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