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Listening to the Amon Sûl podcast (Episode 10), I heard Michael Haldas’ conversation with Fr. Andrew Damick about Tom Bombadil. During that episode, they also mentioned Haldas’ book “Echoes of Truth” and, well, it snowballed from there. I spent the weekend immersed in Tolkien.

I never quite understood all the fuss about Tolkien when I was younger. My first contact with Middle-earth came through the Middle-earth Roleplaying Game and the supplements for Rolemaster. I vividly remember traversing Moria as Goriel Swiftfoot who (rather ridiculously) slew the Balrog. But I didn’t really understand.

I read The Lord of The Rings as a teenager and I enjoyed it. I also read The Hobbit and found it pleasant. But the kind of devotion for Tolkien that some of my friends experienced eluded me. I could talk about the books but I really wanted to play in the world. The story…

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