What Is Convincing Enough To Try An MMO A Second Time?


A topic that I found interesting was sparked by Belghast’s recent entries on trying the New World PTR testing for a massive, game-changing update that addresses a lot of the core concerns from last year’s launch, things that make the game in many ways sound and feel like a brand new product.

New World was an interesting game to me, in that I had no interest, then some, and then I got it on a whim and I played it a lot. Over a couple of weeks, around 100 hours went into the game just past the initial launch woes and before the deathknell woes the game was sounding in the early winter as folks began jumping ship from it. There were a ton of issues that became apparent as you got deeper into the experience – the fast travel costs, the clumsy inventory management, the slow rate of progression…

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