How Storytelling Skills Apply to Game Mastering

Grumpy Wizard

Jeff Jones invited me to appear on his most recent RPG Rambling podcast a few weeks back. He noticed I was posting on social media about a local writing conference and he had questions.

Here is the link to the podcast episode.

Jeff was wondering what lessons I had learned from creative writing classes and conferences that applied to tabletop role-playing games. We went off on some interesting tangents and I don’t know that I ever truly answered the question. I revisit the main question in this post.

Recently, I have participated in writing workshops, seminars, and conferences. I focus on the specific technical elements of telling stories. Some of those techniques transfer to role-playing games, others do not.

Understanding story convinced me that stories and games are not the same thing.

Once I started looking into how skilled storytellers think about and work on stories ; I saw clearly…

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