What’s Missing with the Nintendo Switch – 5 Years In +


Nintendo Switch has been on the market now for 5+ years and while its first-party offerings have been stellar, its third-party output and exclusives have been less interesting compared to previous generations. Due to the unique hardware capabilities of the DS/3DS, Wii and Wii U, 3rd-party studios were able to capitalize on each platform’s unique offerings. On the DS/3DS, you had the second screen which many games utilized for maps or touch screen inventories like in Castlevania and Etrian Odyssey, for example. The Wii Remote/Nunchuck offered motion controls and the success, popularity and impact of Wii Sports speaks for itself. Affordable Space Adventures on Wii U, for example, used the Game Pad exclusively and provided an experience you couldn’t find anywhere else at the time.

The Game Pad was required to play Affordable Space Adventures and it was one of the best exclusives on the Wii U.

Nintendo Switch is…

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