5RD – Hunter’s Descent

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Hunter's Descent
Hunter’s Descent (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

The ruined “well” in the forested hills is well known to hunters in the area as it stands out as an unusual place for such a well (at the top of a hill instead of in one of the valleys). Actually a ventilation shaft for some deeper construction, the space beneath was only discovered recently when part of the hillside was torn away by the roots of a falling tree exposing a massive chamber within and a series of other rooms and spaces damaged by ages of neglect and water.

Hunter's Descent
Hunter’s Descent (1200 dpi)

These five chambers are all that remains of what was obviously a much larger complex at some point. The design was ornate but includes no text in the masonry masking the ancient origins. The structures are large and open, with 20-foot wide corridors and tall arched ceilings…

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