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Smallharbour (300 dpi promo – no commercial license)

Smallharbour is a fortified settlement at the mouth of the Doggerel River which forms a… small harbour. The town’s growth and curtain walls have broken it up into several sections: The Manor at the heart of the city with its own docks and warehouses; Old Town to the immediate south of the manor with the main gates; Newall (New Walls) to the west of Old Town centred around the pentagonal temple of the fisher god; Newall Docks attached to Newall; Northside beyond Newall (with its own docks again); and the unfortified Doggerel Village on the other side of the river which is in turn split in two, with a farming & milling village across the bridge from Old Town, and a fishing village to the north with lots of smaller docks and the fortified lighthouse.

Smallharbour (1200 dpi)

Because of the name…

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