Video Games have a Discoverability Problem

Frostilyte Writes

I’ve been thinking a lot about game discoverability lately. This all started a couple weeks back when the popular (infamous?) Youtuber Videogamedunkey launched an indie publishing label called Big Mode. I have some thoughts on that, but ultimately concluded that I’m glad it exists. If Dunkey can help even one game to find an audience it otherwise wouldn’t then the whole thing will have been a net positive.

That brings me to what’s actually been cycling through my head for the past 2 weeks:

Finding Games I actually want to play is HARD as fuck!

I’m aware that’s a truly enlightened take. However, over the past decade I’ve found it increasingly difficult to discover games I actually want to play. There is no short supply of new games hitting the market every single day, even if the big companies are putting out fewer titles. Just look at Steam – thousands of new games are released every week. Not…

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