Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook (by Gary Gygax)

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1st Edition and far from mint condition

I collected all my role playing books and paraphernalia and put them on a shelf for no good reason at all. I remembered playing these at around the same age my son is now. I remembered how many hours, days and weeks of fun I had inventing things for me and my friends to do. Couldn’t find my Players Handbook, though. I figured at one point or another I had loaned it out to someone or it got lost in the shuffle. At one panicked point I thought I got really drunk one night and sold them to my friend’s brother.

Last night, I found it on the floor of my son’s room. He’d been reading it. I guess he lost interest. He enjoys other role playing games. Mostly battle based games like Warhammer 40K. But apparently not AD&D.

I’ve gone through a…

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