The 13 Scariest Enemies in Gaming

The Game Campaign

We have finally arrived in spook-tober once again and that means another list of scaries to showcase. However, I decided to up the challenge and make this month’s list go up to 13 (I know, what a crazy change). As I was discussing this list with my brother I was reminded that people have different ways of perceiving games’ intentions. 

While there are some obvious scary creatures in this list, games can scare you in a variety of ways even if that game is not a horror game. Whether it’s difficulty, surprise, disgust, or a combination of all of these, enemies can instill fear in the player through different methods.

I even thought about breaking my one-entry-per-franchise rule this time around as well but I have decided that one will suffice for this list still. With that, let’s work up the courage, face our fears head-on, and see what’s hiding…

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