5RD – Bradrig’s Hall

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Bradrig's Hall
Bradrig’s Hall (300 dpi promo, no commercial license)

This hall was built at the behest of Bradrig, summoner of the great devourer, master of the kraken, lord of the seven isles, and so on and so forth. Completed shortly before his death, he would accept petitioners here where a doppelganger would sit on a high throne and pronounce “the will of Bradrig” Upon his death, his six doppelgangers were immediately slain by staff dedicated to exactly that purpose, and the throne in Bradrig’s Hall was replaced with a statue of the summoner of the great devourer.

Bradrig's Hall
Bradrig’s Hall (1200 dpi)

For the last 187 years the hall has been sealed and quiet, but with the return of the kraken to the seven isles, people are returning to the old ways and beseeching the aid of the long-dead Bradrig. And thus the hall will be re-opened! I’m sure no traps were…

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