Age of Ashes #92: A Great Defeat Called Duneshadow

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In two missing chapters (that included a hiatus), the party won leadership of the Gladiators’ Guild, which installed Normal Person 2.0 as its guildmaster. The party continued influencing guilds to vote to oppose the Scarlet Triad. They also conducted an elaborate heist, securing invitations and donning disguises, into an exclusive Scarlet Triad slave auction. They found the slaves (which included the leader of the Jewelers’ Guild) and are trying to break out! (-GM)

3rd of Rova, 4720 AR


The party finishes their fight with the mage and her calikangs, snatch a look at their bodies and run. Then Goodfellow tries to blow the place up. The party finds a dagger, a healing potion, some perfume, a wand, a ledger, and a shield.

Normal Person discovers that this shield is an artifact that can explode on command, but he sells it. Rem searches for clues and tips to help find…

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