Guest Post on RPG Systems from Rob Kuntz

Grumpy Wizard

Last week I stated that a game system is more than its mechanisms.

My confrère, Brian of Deathtrap Games wrote a thoughtful response to the essay.

Rob Kuntz’ writing about systems has shaped my thinking about the subject. I emailed him a link to our posts to see if he was willing to give some direction to our thinking. He has responded and generously asked me to post that response on my blog. I am grateful to Rob for taking the time to share his thoughts. You can find his work at Three Lines Studios. His books, adventures, the El Raja Key Archive (maps and campaign materials from the mid 1970s) and other writings are available for sale at TLB Games.

D&D’s “system” is its players and DM who through input and output sequences define what is happening in an Imaginary Realm, with imaginary players and events that…

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