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Quick bit of news today: we begin a Dungeons & Dragons Club at my new school from Wednesday 2nd November. Last I checked there were about 8-10 students signed up, which is very encouraging. So begins a new chapter in my teenager roleplaying journey.

Sessions are about an hour, so I am going to head down Old School Avenue and run an introductory foray into a dungeon using the Basic/Expert D&D from 1981. My colleague is going to offer some D&D 5e, so I feel like this is a good way to begin. Most of anything, my game can be fast-paced and welcoming to newbies.

In the longer term, I may opt to run Greg Gillespie’s new Dwarf-themed megadungeon, “Dwarrowdeep“. This is largely because it’s designed for 1st Level upwards and I can run it with classic D&D rules with relative ease. It’s also great for building a…

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