One D&D Expert Classes

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DnDBeyond released the next Playtest material for One D&D, this one on Expert Classes. The previous one was all about your Player Character’s Race and Background, as well as Feats, since that comes with your Background now. This one follows what they call Expert Classes, which before I even get into the Classes themselves, I like the categories.

In the last review, I mentioned that this new version I’m calling 5.5e, however with the amount of foundational changes, it really seems like this is more like Sixth Edition, which is a bummer, because I have my own wishlist of fundamental changes I’d like to see in the game, and it doesn’t seem we are going in that direction. Maybe I’ll make that article soon anyway.

In the D&D video, they mention that all 12 classes will be split into 4 groups, which can be used to easily make a…

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