Marpenoth Hall – Ground Floor

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Marpenoth Hall - Ground Floor
Marpenoth Hall – Ground Floor (300 dpi)

Welcome to Marpenoth Hall, home to the Khohren mercantile house. The structure is divided into three general areas. The west wing is the staff wing with kitchen, scullery, staff room, and pantry. The east wing is Marpenoth Hall proper with tapestries on the walls, a statue of Hushan Khohren, the founder of the Khohren mercantile house, offices and libraries. The single-story north wing connecting the two contains a dining room, lounge, and conservatory as well as access to the courtyard.

Marpenoth Hall - Ground Floor
Marpenoth Hall – Ground Floor (1200 dpi)

There are three entrances to the hall. The main entrance extends from the Hall proper and is used by visiting merchants, contractors, and so on who have business with the Khoren mercantile house and its concerns. The original main entrance is tucked into the north wing and is used by social guests and typically by the…

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