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There’s a forthcoming episode of the podcast about how uncomfortable I feel with my Old-School credentials, so I’ll not make too much mention of this here. That being said, I’ve been laid up all weekend in bed (having injured my foot) and been re-exploring Basic Fantasy only to re-discover the charm that the Old-School casts each time I revisit.

I think it begins with the sense that the original roleplaying game and all of its Old-School derivative works are first and foremost games. You get a strong sense that Arnesonian and Gygaxian fantasy is very much unconcerned with realism and far more interested in giving players a tough but enjoyable time.

On Saturday evening, I was enjoying rolling 3d6 six times in order and seeing what kind of characters I could make from those results. Interestingly, unlike with most games, with Basic Fantasy I got the sense that it wouldn’t…

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