The Olde Island Fortress

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Having spent a few days revisiting Basic Fantasy with a view to using it at the new school club, I am faced with reading through the adventures available in the Morgansfort booklet. Because I find reading dungeon modules pretty dull, I’ve decided it might be more interesting to play through the first adventure using the characters I rolled up over the weekend.

As per usual with my solo actual play reports, this is as written and unedited. Also, fairly obviously as I am playing a module adventure, there are SPOILERS in this post.

“In search of wealth and adventure, your party has traveled to Morgansfort, a lonely stronghold on the fringe of civilization. You spend a few days there, replenishing supplies, mending equipment and seeking rumors of treasure.

One evening at the Toothless Dragon Tavern, a one-eyed farmer named Bart tells you of the Olde Island Fortress. It was…

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