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Delighted to have received my copy of Dwarrowdeep, the latest megadungeon from the pen of Greg Gillespie, this afternoon. While I have held the .PDF for quite some days, I am glad to at last to have been able to begin to read in earnest this rather exciting book.

Dwarrowdeep is the largest Dwarf-themed dungeon adventure ever written, or at least so the book claims. I can believe this and have had a great deal of joy from flipping through the pages, noting many references to those other famous Dwarven halls from literature and gaming.

Of particular note is the method, not dissimilar to the way Iron Crown approached Moria, of mixing fixed primary areas of the dungeon maps with randomly-determined secondary areas. It looks like the resources provided to create the vast majority of the megadungeon offer an entertaining mix of random tables themed to the Dwarven realm.

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