How a Game “Feels”

Joseph Erwin - Freelance Dungeon Master

I love to examine how a game “feels” to play. This isn’t just how smooth the mechanics are, or simply the world and story flavor, nor is it just book presentation.

How a game “feels” to play (by my own definition) is this:

“How an RPG “feels” is how successfully it manages to evoke the setting or situation presented, in concert with the mechanics and book organization, while ensuring smooth game flow.

Let’s unpack that.

Evoke: To simulate. This doesn’t mean that all games need to simulate situations in line with our own world, but with the dramatic presentation of the game. Does a game about superheroes allow players to create a storyline filled with comic book-style drama and action? Does a gritty medieval RPG create challenges which feel as though they came out of a movie or book in the setting?

A game which is “about” god-touched…

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