Personality Matters More Than Originality In Videogames

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Well, I thought that I’d talk about why personality is one of the most important parts of any videogame. This was something I ended up thinking about after re-playing yet another part of the dark comedy first-person shooter game “Postal: Brain Damaged” (2022). Objectively speaking, this probably isn’t the best game I’ve played this year, but it does seem to quickly be becoming one of my favourites so far this year.

A lot of it is because the game has personality. Yes, the gameplay itself may be heavily inspired by a mixture of old and new games, but it is presented in a relatively unique way. The game’s sense of humour extends to everything from the bizarre monster designs to the surreal levels to the background details to the voice-acting for the game’s anti-hero too.

Gameplay screenshot from ''Postal - Brain Damaged'' (2022) This is a screenshot from “Postal: Brain Damaged” (2022), showing the main character…

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