Boss Rush Banter: Which Super Mario 64 Level is Your Favorite?

Super Mario 64 is truly an iconic game that, for the most part, still holds up today.

It’s been over 26 years since this game graced our Nintendo 64s, helping usher in 3D platformers as we know them. While the graphics have aged like milk, the level design is mostly superb and is still a joy to play.

As a kid, one of my favorite parts about booting up the game is visiting each of the 15 areas because they felt like living worlds rather than standalone levels. Yes, that requires some stretching by today’s standards, but as a kid, this absolutely blew my mind.

So what’s your favorite Super Mario 64 level?

Levels? More Like Worlds

I should clarify that this was my first foray into Mario. I was born in 1991 so my experience with gaming came about in the Nintendo 64 days.

Super Mario 64 also was…

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