The Goblin Canals

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Goblin Canals - Above
Goblin Canals – Above (300 dpi promo)

Once part of the canals that kept the incredible graveyard of Graven-Tosk from flooding, the deep stone-walled canals have slowly collapsed over the years and are now a series of narrow tunnels with narrow gaps above in some cases. On the surface, this area is a set of hills that bound the south end of Graven-Tosk and the five smaller hills each support a towering 15 to 25 foot stone monolith. One of these monoliths appears to be sentient and speaks in a very slow, gravelly voice, warning intruders away from the area. Between these hills are cracks and gaps usually a foot or so wide that look down on the canal tunnels below. In the centre of these hills is a larger hole that looks down over a pool in the central room below.

Goblin Canals - Underground
Goblin Canals – Underground (300 dpi promo)


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