Hell’s Rebels #62: The Temple’s Cries

Pathfinders' Guild of Berkeley

In a missing chapter of our story, the rebellion marshaled its resources to bring Malcolm, “the Angel of Kintargo,” back from the dead. TBD returned from his travels with an undead psychic skeleton, Dasya, and a world-renowned orc wrestler, Guts Clobber, who joined the strike team. They resumed their assault on the Temple of Asmodeus to disrupt their summoning ritual and get to Barzillai Thrune, defeating the High Priest Corinstian Grivenner who was leading the ritual. (-GM)

17th of Rova, 4715 AR

The temple’s defenses were definitely ready for our second attack. We were knee-deep in the enemy’s forces; it was hard to tell between the massive skeletal wyverns and the priests, let alone my own allies. We thought we were coming out on top, when suddenly a door opened to reveal: nothing. Or, rather, there was a small group of invisible priests who piled onto myself, all alone…

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