On Rulings and Wildcard Skills

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Original Dungeons & Dragons had three booklets in a nice cardboard box. These days you can download these booklets – or at least the cleaned-up versions of them – from Wizards via DriveThruRPG. My current project began with a read-through of these old booklets and re-considering how best to adapt GURPS to fit their approach.

While the Referee (aka GM, DM, whatever) is instructed to “draw out a minimum of half a dozen maps of the levels of his ‘underworld’”, I am going to defer this action initially. Going to Book III seems precipitous and I am most worried about creating characters, so I have decided to tackle this question first.

Book I: Men and Magic outlines three “classes” of characters: Fighting-Men, Magic-Users, and Clerics. There are also three other roles described: Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings.

It’s always been of interest to me that the original game was…

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