When Sarevok Fell (Child of Bhaal)

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Balgara the Black Guard IV

When Sarevok fell, I held the bow, a bow blessed by my Dark Father. It wasn’t Sarevok’s time, and though he tried to force his way, the seasons were out of joint. Too many dark gods jostling for the position to place their ward. And when he fell, I swear I heard my arrows strike an anvil, and then silence. Sarevok was no more.

In his defense, he brought us all together. It was he that brought me closer to my Dark Father, my one, true heart in all of this game of shuffled cards. Many a night leading up to the murder of Sarevok, I wondered what my true purpose was—all the while living it. I was the savior of two mines; I was the slayer of bandits; I was the Child of Murder looking for a reason.

Sarevok was my reason, and I…

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