D100 Dungeon: First Delve

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Having won a $25 voucher in The Redcaps Podcast Child Hero Contest – something that I really did not expect – I decided to buy a copy of the D100 Dungeon Solo Adventure Game by Martin Knight. Given my recent re-kindled interest in the dungeon delve and my status as home alone, I thought it might be good fun to give the game a go.

As ever, this is a solo actual play report and is posted unedited.

To begin, I need to create an adventurer. There are three characteristics used in the game – Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence – and I get to assign 50 points, 40 points, and 30 points to them however I desire. Given that I enjoy playing dextrous characters, I opt for Dex 50, Int 40, Str 30 and name him Goriel.

There are three Hero Paths to choose from – Warrior, Rogue, and Sorceror…

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