Balgara the Black Guard VI

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

(Dragonspear Diary: Child of Bhaal)

I am a Child of Bhaal, but none of my mates know it.

Nay, I have not ceremonially sacrificed one human, none that

were kidnapped. All of my victims came before my arrow’s path.

But I must be careful not to upset my mates, for any

cruel kill could alert them to my frozen insides, the tundra as I call it.

When Sarevok fell, I put four arrows in his chest. Nobody condemned

me. He was leaning on his left hand when the fourth penetrated his chest.

The knowing smirk on his lip told me

he knew what I was. I’ll never forget

that moment.

I have the hunger.

Blood appeals to me, though no vampire am I. The smell of copper

on the autumn winds

drives me quite insane. Careful not to let them see. Careful not

to let them know. I cannot wait…

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