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I’m not quite sure why but I find myself drawn back to two old books that I last used with students at my previous schools to introduce them to roleplaying games. Those books are the Basic and Expert rulebooks from 1981, often referred to by collectors as B/X Dungeons & Dragons.

The past few days have seen me journey back into classic fantasy roleplaying through the lens of both Original Dungeons & Dragons and the more modern solo dungeon adventure game D100 Dungeon. The former taught me the charm and appeal of the three most basic game structures in the roleplaying game scene, namely the Combat, Dungeoncrawl, and Hexcrawl. The latter reminded me that, despite offering an excellent procedural dungeoncrawl experience, the real appeal of roleplaying games is having choice in your actions and depth in the game world.

And so today I began a new quest.


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