D&D Diary – Forge of Fury – Session 5

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We find the Forge of Fury, un-animate several items, and an old puzzle returns to haunt us again.

Forge Fury 5e Foundry thumbContinuing the Tales From the Yawning Portal. 

When last we left our heroes, they had wandered off into the Glitterhame trying to find the key to a magical lock. They ended up in a lost sub-level of the dungeon, where they nearly got melted by an acidic ooze, nearly got poisoned by some stagnant water, and then nearly got eaten by a giant rock. But sadly, the party survived and managed to find the missing key, which turned out to be another piece of humming, etched metal of unknown origin, in a call back to my favorite puzzle from The Lost Mine of Phandelver, Session 14.

Running back to the sealed door, the key fit perfectly. With a whoosh of fresh air, the door opened to reveal a set of…

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