To Xiatar (Balgara the Blackguard VII)

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Only a stained persona like mine would be able understand what I am about to write on this blank page. Upon entering the dragon cave, we felt the great snores of the green dragon before ever we saw him. Massive, but just shy of mature, mature with muscles and awareness.

I readied my bow, and ill-luck that was. Before this Child of Bhaal knew it, the green dragon was on its feet, alert, staring. I let go with the mayhem, striking his throat off-center. Others in my band let loose their arrows as well, all blessed by blood, blessed by the God of Murder .Praise be Sarevok’s name. Would you were with me now, side by side, fighting like siblings of Bhaal. Never will we know that much togetherness.

Down goes the dragon, and I carve scales from his flank, stuffing them in my burlap hunter’s bag. Onward to the…

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