D&D Diary – The Wild Beyond the Witchlight – Session 16

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Off we go into the wild grey Yon-der. The story twists into the Wizard of Oz, and we fly straight to this land’s witch, er, hag.

Witchlight alt Title square I thot I saw a puddy cat!

When last we left our heroes, we had spent two sessions travelling from the Land of Thither and into the Land of Yon via a difficult mountain pass. Between woodland weddings and chimera jousting, we encountered a peculiar shopkeep named Dex who traded some of our more trivial magic items for some that we could actually use. Like my SpellGuard Shield that I am determined to make my DM regret giving me. Another item we regretted was turning Daithi’s halberd that he hallucinates can talk into one that actually does. It turns out this possessed polearm despises Daithi and wants to drive him insane. Which happened immediately, dragging us into a forced and contrived player versus…

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