Boss Rush Banter: Which Super Mario Sunshine Level is Your Favorite?

Many consider Super Mario Sunshine the black sheep of 3D Mario games.

The game was innovative, but in a way that didn’t resonate with fans. While we can argue all day about the unique controls and mechanics, there’s no doubt that the game featured some great level aesthetics.

Again, many maybe didn’t enjoy the levels because the game’s gimmick made platforming difficult or downright infuriating.

That said, the world of Isle Delfino was a fun one to visit because it connected the various levels in a way that we didn’t see again until Super Mario Odyssey. Even that game didn’t provide players with the connectivity Mario Sunshine provides as you can actually see other levels from locations in the world you are playing in.

With all that in mind, what is your favorite Super Mario Sunshine level?

Super Mario Sunshine Levels: Aesthetics or Gameplay?

I immediately jumped to two:…

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