Over 114 Million Nintendo Switches Have Been Sold

Nintendo recently disclosed financial data from Q2 of their current fiscal year (which ends in March 2023). As part of this information, it was revealed that the total number of Nintendo Switch units sold has surpassed 114 million.

This puts the Switch as the second highest-selling Nintendo console, with the Nintendo DS still taking the lead at 154 million.

While not as bad as in 2020, Nintendo reported a decline in sales due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage. The breakdown is as follows:

  • 2.23 Million Standard Switch units sold in this period
  • 3.53 Million OLED Switch units were sold in this period
  • 0.92 Million Switch Lite units were sold in this period.

Additionally, Nintendo recently lowered its expected sales from 21 million to 19 million units sold by March 2023. They are hopeful that the situation regarding hardware will continue to improve.

With upcoming significant releases such as Pokémon Scarlet…

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