Boss Rush Banter: What Brings You Back to Replay a Game?

We recently moved house. Something I haven’t done by choice or necessity for almost a decade. And you don’t really realize how stiff the roots you put down are until you have to dig them back up. To extend the metaphor, you also don’t realize how much dirt goes flying when those roots finally give! The literal mess I’m left with is made up of unmarked boxes, stuff I forgot I owned and don’t need that is unpacked and looking for a new home, and essential stuff, like my Play Station, that is boxed up and waiting for its spot under the TV. It’s responsibly out of reach until just as soon as I’ve settled in enough to deserve a little down time.

But this forced sabbatical from games has really got me thinking about what I’ll fire up the moment that last crate of clothes is in our closet…

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