Our Season Finale of Curse of Strahd

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After over a year’s worth of suffering, angst and all-around bad times for our characters, ourCurse of Strahdcampaign had its season finale last Sunday.

In short, we decided to move on to another campaign for a while, leavingCurse of Strahdon a cliffhanger we will return to at a later date.

Oh man, it’s been a wild one. We have all lost at least one character during this campaign and my friend Becca even lost two! This was my first time dealing with character death which sucked since I liked my good boy Zyn Zoland. Anyone who has playedCurse of Strahdknows how brutal a campaign setting it is.

So, what happened in our final session?

To make a very long story short, a former member of the party that we thought might be dead turned out to be alive and was due to marry…

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