Manor of the Doomed

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Manor of the Doomed
Manor of the Doomed (300 dpi promo)

The old Chienard manor sits on the hills southeast of the fortified town of Smallharbour where it is slowly collapsing while the owners hide in the parts of the structure that are still mostly sturdy. The carriage house is abandoned and part of the floor has collapsed into tunnels beneath it. The north end of the manor has also fallen in on itself, taking both the sitting room and the master bedroom with it. The Chienards are said to be cursed for their lip service to their ancestral gods, the manor doomed, and the elders of the family line digging themselves out of their ancestral crypts…

Manor of the Doomed
Manor of the Doomed (1200 dpi)

Or it could just be that the Chienards have bad luck and worse finances – the family fortunes sunk into poorly managed investments and the destruction of the old family orchards…

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