The Torchbearers: 5 Leagues from the Borderland Campaign

Geek Ken

After establishing the threats to the Nentir Vale, the next step was to gather adventurers for my warband. I fully embraced the random generation charts but still ended up with a group of humans. Their backgrounds ranged from townsfolk, sturdy frontiersmen, and even a zealot. I also wanted to dabble in magic and chose one of my heroes to be a mystic.

For gear, I was able to wrangle up a few quality weapons and some simple enchanted items. I loved the idea of a rough and tumble barbarian with just enough charisma to gather a group under their leadership. So I chose Takari to be my warband leader wielding a bastard sword. I definitely wanted some ranged attackers and selected Kester, a tradesman-turned-adventurer, who opted to finally wield the crossbows he diligently made for years in the city. There was also Sigmund, the zealot monk on a mission to…

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