Beneath the Manor of the Doomed

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Beneath the Manor of the Doomed
Beneath the Manor of the Doomed (300 dpi promo)

Beneath the old Chienard Manor can be found both basements (and a once-extensive wine cellar) and the family crypts. Recently these have been expanded upon by what the Chienards can only suspect are their own ancestors turned upon them for a lack of proper worship and respect.

The main basement is accessed via the stairs in the collapsing wing of the house – this part of the basement is in ill repair and is likely to collapse like the building above. The basement’s southern sections include an extensive wine cellar that reeks of vinegar and ruined wine – the bottles supposedly smashed by one of the ancestors to deny them to the current generation. There is also a secret door in the main storage chamber of the basement that leads down to the family crypts below…

Beneath the Manor of the Doomed
Beneath the Manor of the…

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