Trouble in Amn (Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow Dancer)

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

I have her in my lap now, Jaheira.

After the death of her husband.

And since the death of Khalid, she was withdrawn, miserable–until now.

But I knew her rhythm. She’s been in my crew since before the death of Sarevok by my hand. And I am the one destined to rule, so why would she not enjoy me? I buy her more wine, and my lap gets livelier. She’s all laughter and titillation. The laces on her leather blouse threaten to loosen, and I fantasize of my brand on her arm. What will I have? Why I will have, I will have a darkened moon trapped in a circle, lording it over a group of small sheep. Too specific, eh? It’s her druidic nature that brings out my creativity.

Before the night ends, and we swap jewels mouth to mouth, jewels ransacked in a temple raid we pulled off…

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