Trouble in Amn (Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow Dancer II)

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

As you have figured out, this a story where the hero gets exactly what she wants by going along with the program. And if the program fails me, who am I to follow a dead program: I start one of my own. Jaheira was sacked out in our bed, a fresh tattoo of that dark moon watching over sheep healing up on her shoulder. She thought of it as a token of my love. And why not, even if I had other designs for its use. Simple people, they do simple things, bestial things when provoked. Not to mention Edwin–he was probably out showing off his mage’s tome to harlots, charming them to lower their price, and Dorn, well if I knew that half-orc, he was out killing drunks, drinking their blood, howling at the moon.

A knock at the door brought me out of my reverie.

“Message for Ilyana,”…

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