D&D Diary – The Forge of Fury – Session 6

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The adventure ends with epic fights against unique undead, a sly succubus, and the ubiquitous black dragon.

Forge Fury 5e Foundry thumbThe end of Adventure 2 in Tales From the Yawning Portal. Last time I’ll look at these bored dwarves. 

When last we left our heroes, they had finally found the uninspiring Forge of Fury, made friends with the surprisingly not evil duergar, and made mincemeat out of several oddly animated household objects, such as tables and carpets. It’s like the magic castle in Beauty and the Beast but with more murder and fewer song and dance numbers.

They also discovered a new version of an old puzzle that directly links this dungeon with the one from The Lost Mine of Phandelver. It was a good call back to an excellent adventure that my players really enjoyed, even for the players who hadn’t been there the first time around. The puzzle unlocked a…

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