How One Game Motivated a Decade Long Dislike of Free-to-Play Games

Frostilyte Writes

I really do not like free-to-play games. I don’t know that I’d go as far as to say that I hate them, but I certainly hold a lot of animosity toward them. Not blind rage, mind you. I’ve no interest in being yet another furtburgler who decries them as some kind of gaming Satan, but I wouldn’t invite them over for dinner either.

As it stands, I’ve played a fair number of free-to-play titles. Hell, not all them were even bad. One of them was though. It was so bad in fact, that it’s painted my perception of the business model for over a decade now. That said, today we’re talking about MapleStory.

Good lord – you can’t be serious? MapleStory? Really?

Yes, really.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I used to play MapleStory. It was my go-to title back in college. It had two major…

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