Trouble in Amn (Baldur’s Gate II: Shadow Dancer V)

Ilyanas Tomb of Doom

Vampires in Amn.

Part shadow, part nightmare.

We got a crash course as soon as we stumbled into the lower tombs. “Look there,” Jaheira sang out, pointing at a fleeting shadow that moved too fast for my bow. And then it was slashing in our faces, teleporting apparently. I hit it with a few arrows until it vanished to let others of its ilk come at us. Viconia cast her blessing over us, hopefully enough to ward off any other vampires who were hungry for our blood.

“You seek, Bodhi?” One of them approached us, walking like a panther. “I know she seeks you, dahhhhlings.”

“Hit her now,” Korgan croaked, leaping forward, axe in full swing at the armorless foe.I let fire from my bow, knocking her off balance as Korgan’s cured axe blade sank to the bone.

Korgan wrenched free, and there was nothing to sample his axe a…

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