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Feed me – or maybe not

Originally posted on Even Now:
Just a short(-ish? maybe?) update on some stuff, and then some other stuff. Wow, I sound like Mizz! As you may have noticed if you’re getting here from OurDDO, the site’s been “misplacing” posts. I mean, a LOT of posts. (Geoff Hanna recently blogged about…

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The Ascetic Guardian

Originally posted on The Order of Syncletica:
My posts have been filled with pleasant diversion from the blog’s focus. Shuricannons. Shortsword wielding ninjas. Even Bard Swashbucklers. Whatever happened to good ol’ fisticuffs? Well, rejoice, Dear Heart, as now we return to those thrilling days of not-so-yesteryear of the thrice-new adventures of…

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