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Later Levels

A Polygon article by Ben Kuchera back in January reported that, according to SteamSpy, 7,672 video games had been released on Steam in 2017. This worked out to be an average of 21 new titles each day and was a massive increase from 2016’s figure of 4,207, which in itself accounted for 38% of all games available on the platform. The chart below will give you an idea of what this really looks like.

The dotted line I’ve added shows the trend and if this continues, we’ll have 11,833 additional titles to browse through by the end of 2018; that’s over 32 additions every 24-hours. But even these statistics pale in comparison if we jump forward to 2019 with a predicted 19,262 releases. There’s no real research here and the figures are ones I’ve produced using historical data and formulas, but they’re still pretty surprising.

Last month I came…

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Adventure Log: Dungeons and Dragons, Part 4

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

The adventurers rested, either leaning against the altar with weapons in hand, or scrambling around the spare furnishings of the temple. The Shadows moved faster than Folk did, and they didn’t have much time until the ten of them that were released found the way up and out of the crypt. Ander and Jethro found glass bottles in the Undertaker’s apartment and filled them with water for their skins, setting the bottles and some of the silver they gathered from the Keep in front of Hugh, who performed a ceremony to bless the water. Holy water seemed to be a potent ally in the fight against what was to come. Clouds gathered over the temple, and the adventurers prepared for a fight. As the sky darkened, the adventurers scrambled to the squares of sunlight made by the overhead windows; shadows didn’t usually exist in daylight, and the adventurers needed all…

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Planning a TR

DDO Build Masters

Don’t do it when you’re tired!!! Especially to an iconic where you may mess up 15 levels and be locked in to leveling to cap.

Have your stats and feats mapped out before you reincarnate. Make sure you have the stats and BAB for the feats you want at the level you plan to take. This step is mostly taken care of if using a guide.

Get your stuff ready:

Greensteel: Starter greensteel setup is a hit point item and a triple positive weapon. If you have a cleansed hp item, next would be a concordant-opposition with stacking spell points and some skill boosts (an easy build is +4 exceptional int skills and +6 exceptional cha skills for trapping and umd/diplo/bluff/etc). I you have ingredients but not a cleanser and want a second weapon, I’d go with a lit2, triple fire, or if planning multiple TRs over varying builds…

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Rolling The Die: Thoughts on RPG Results and Rules

The Imagi-Verse

Main Thought: It shouldn’t take more than 5 seconds to determine the result of a die-roll in a table-top rpg.  I don’t mean that you as a player should be faster necessarily, but rather if the mechanics are so complicated that each roll requires a discussion or opening a book, it’s usually a sign that there’s an issue with the system or how it’s being used.

I found myself sitting this evening and just thinking about a bunch of things, and the last bit I was considering was the variety of pen-and-paper storytelling games out there such as Dungeons & Dragons, ShadowRun, Numenera, Mouse Guard, etc, and how they employ a variety of mechanics to tell stories in vastly different ways.  Mouse Guard focuses pretty heavily towards the narrative approach as far as mechanics are concerned with less on statistics, where as Dungeons & Dragons have a lot of different…

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N-No Virtual Console for the Switch?!


Say it ain’t so, Nintendo!  Say it ain’t so!

Oh, don’t mind me.  I’m just…a bit upset right now.  It’s fine, really.  But hey, did you hear, Nintendo is apparently not bringing the Virtual Console to the Switch!  What is happening to my life!  I am ill-prepared for this news; why, cruel world, why!  (Oh, I realized after writing this that Hatm0nster already discussed Nintendo’s new online service.  But it can’t hurt to share my own thoughts, right?…)

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Are Monkchers still a viable class?

DDO Build Masters


12 Ranger 6 monk and 2 rogue build that seems to be weak in DPS. Burst DMG is great, but in raids like Shavarath with all the orange nameds and little to no real DPS other than many shot bursts every 70 seconds or 10K stars the DPS to take them down does not seem to be there. I have several hearts and would like to do a rebuild and remain bow ranged if it is still feasible. 

With armor up and the recent love that xbows have gotten monkchers have fallen behind, but there is hope with the ranger pass coming up.

A multitasker-optimizer can do some melee on 10k/manyshot cooldowns and do ok. When going full bow, optimize up time. A good rotation is 10k/MS/10sec down/10k/30 sec down. Don’t be overly conservative with your MS timer or you are killing your dps. Sniper shot is also really…

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Changing Game Tastes

MMO Juggler

I’ve noticed my gaming tastes changing over the months/years. Currently my MMO playing is ebbing while other games are not.

I still do play though. I’m taking a break from SWL because I was stuck on a ridiculous blocking storyline quest and can’t advance without passing it. Whoever thought that was a good idea is… well they’re just wrong.

I log into LoTRO a few times a week to grab daily rewards and quest a bit. But that makes for glacial progress and thus Spessartina, my hobbit minstrel, is still in the Rivendell/Trollshaws regions and a few levels away from starting the next storyline quest. Scarlatina, my hobbit warden, is likewise still in the Lone Lands. That’s fine though, I always do enjoy coming back to LoTRO and playing a bit.

In ESO, I decided to start a new char after migrating to the PS4. In order to play something…

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Where it all began

Later Levels

There are many of us out there who enjoy playing video games in all their forms and see them as more than just a bunch of pretty pixels on a screen. But what makes some of us decide to put down the controller for a moment, take a step back, pick up a keyboard and begin writing about them?

For me, it all started on a weekend back over five years ago. It was February 2013 and I was in a bookshop where a pile of black-and-green tomes has been stacked on a table in the corner: 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by Tony Mott. I had a quick leaf through its pages and when I saw The Secret of Monkey Island had been included in its recommendations (he he), I took a copy to the counter and made a purchase.

One evening the following week…

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Rogue Mech, pure or splash?

DDO Build Masters

After running a 20 rogue mech, the capstone is not worth what a splash can bring. Rogue 18 is all you need.

So the real question is: what to splash?

2 arti is the way I lean. You get rune arm, spells (conjure bolts, enchant weapon), rapid reload, all xbow proficiency, dog for doors/levers, spell points based on your main stat int, and possible extra synergy after arti trees updated.

If you can optimize rune arm use, this is going to be best dps. But the truth is ranged characters kite mobs and rune arms slow you, but you do get some dps advantage even when not optimal and fireball types are great for door bashing. Conjure bolts scrolls are fixed, so that’s not a big deal. Xbow prof only matters during leveling. Spell points are very important for epic destiny use.

1wiz/1ftr is another strong option. Still get int…

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The Gamer Confessions Tag

I Played The Game!

A bit thank you to Nick The Gent for this one.  I’ve been trying to be better at doing these sort of posts when I’m nominated for them (and again, sorry to any of those from the past that I’ve missed) so I’m doing them as I get them right now.  This is one about gaming confessions I think!  10 questions on games I like and don’t like.  Enjoy!

A Game Everyone Loves But You Can’t Stand: Minecraft


Ok, an easy one to start, and it’s probably fairly obvious why I don’t like Minecraft.  I’m just too old.  I say this because all those who seemed to love it were far younger than me.  I tried playing it for a while, but I couldn’t see the point in what I was doing.  The survival mode was an interesting idea, but without any real direction I found myself getting very…

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