Nostalgia Lane: GCE Game Time Wrist Watch

Bio Break

Today I want to talk about watches.

No, I don’t wear a watch. Haven’t since, oh, freshman year of college? 1994? I got sick of the tan line and started using cell phones and other devices to keep time. But before that, I had a long string of neat watches, especially in the ’80s.

Don’t know what it was about the era, but the ’80s had incredibly cool watches, especially if you were a kid. I had watches that transformed into robots (I actually still have the robot part of one sans strap), several of the almighty calculator watches, a watch that had a radio (that’s something that played music before MP3 players, kids), one super awesome watch that did so much that I’m going to have to write a separate article on it, and one or two game watches.

I actually lusted over game watches. Video games that you…

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So Who Takes First Controller?

DualShock Gaming

Here’s a question that still comes up at times when you’re playing with a friend on the same system…”So, who takes first controller?”


Let’s start with the basics, whoever owns the system, gets first controller…ALWAYS. Now I know what you’re thinking, “But, they told me that I could be first controller.” Short Answer: Stop being a Noob, they were just being nice.

One of my brothers used to come over a lot and we’d play a lot of video games…I mean, a lot of video games. We never had this question come up because it’s just an unwritten rule…like, if you pour a lot of milk in your Lucky Charms and then realize your wife doesn’t have enough to eat her healthy cereal, you just add water to the jug before she gets up…don’t judge me.

But, what about when you invite your friend over to play a split-screen game and while you’re setting…

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Raids week 28

Micki's Delirium

On Saturday we did quite a few raids for once. I started with reaper 2 TS as has been routine, and after we did a normal Riding the storm. TS filled rather quickly, RSo a bit slower, but the wait wasn’t too long. I was going to finish taking pictures of the pillars and puzzles, but realised later that my screenshots had failed, and I hadn’t even taken pics of all of them. The raid itself went pretty well, and we even had a named item drop (Discerning Gaze). Apparently I forgot to screenshot the quest report for RSO…

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34…reasons why gaming is awesome! 


As we enter the last half of May it means that I am quickly approaching my 34th birthday. As a way of celebrating old age and to make up for the lack of any anniversary celebrations this year (I still can’t believe I forgot about it) I thought that we could celebrate together!

I will be putting up a series of posts that revolve around the number 34 called, you guessed it, ‘34…’! I’ll be covering a load of different topics so make sure you check back here regularly.Today marks the first post in the series and it’s one in which we celebrate gaming as a whole; let’s see 34 reasons why gaming is awesome!

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Changing up my nightly gaming routine

Bio Break

Lately I’ve been going through somewhat of a gaming malaise. Nothing terrible, nothing that makes me want to quit MMOs or anything, but simply I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and unsatisfied with how I’m playing and what I’m doing with my time. And when that happens in my life, I try to take a step back, look at the situation objectively, and try a different approach.

What I’ve been doing is trying to juggle multiple MMOs on a given evening, doing my WoW dailies and logging into LOTRO, SWTOR, and Guild Wars 2 to do a bit in each. It’s the format that I came up with years ago to handle my diverse interests, yet I just don’t think it’s working for me any more. Fracturing my game time during an evening is starting to cause distance and disinterest in my progress, and I’ve noticed that when I just stick…

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Race/gender locked classes


Although I’ve not been following the upcoming MMORPG Crowfall that closely, the news posted on Massively OP that the devs are removing the planned race/class locks seems a positive development. The game is shifting from the original idea of race and class being bundled in one choice to having the more standard subset of classes available based on the choice of character race.

Race locks, and to a lesser extent gender locks annoy me – I came to this hobby from pen and paper RPGs where such choices are part of the fundamental creative process when making a new character. That’s not to say that restrictions of race/class combination are totally foreign to the RPG hobby, D&D in its early incarnations had a bunch of them. In general the hobby, and its online equivalent, seem to have moved away from limiting freedom of choice at character creation – though I…

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Five Best Pokémon Games


-by Dylan DiBona

Nothing screams “nostalgia” quite like Pokémon for me. When I first got an interesting green cartridge for my Game Boy Advanced, I was puzzled. I didn’t know what the series was, but the green plastic was “cool” to me as a kid. Over a decade later and I still have the desire to catch ’em all; these five Pokémon games stand on top of the series as not just good Pokémon games, but great RPGs.

5. Pokémon X & Y
Image result for pokemon y

After going through the classic “Pokémon is for babies” route, I gave the series the cold shoulder for about two or three years. I fell utterly in love with the 3DS for its console quality games on the go, and sure enough- a Pokémon game came to the system.

Picking up Y was a little weird, I knew the ins and outs of the series- get the badges and fight the…

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Every Zelda Game (I’ve Played) Ranked: Part 2

Deconstructing Video Games

Here are my top ranked games in The Legend of Zelda series!

Oracle of Ages & Oracle of Seasons

Year: 2001
Format: Game Boy Color


With classic Nintendo timing, not one but two Zeldas were released in 2001 – at the end of the original Game Boy’s life, directly before the launch of the Game Boy Advance.

If Nintendo seemed like they had no idea what they were doing business-wise, at least Capcom’s Flagship, tasked with design duties, understood how to craft new Zelda experiences out of the old Link’s Awakening template (more on that in a minute).


Capcom squeezed every last puzzle from Oracle of Ages’ gameplay hook of manipulating time, with Link warping between past and present, tackling time travel paradoxes. And with Oracle of Seasons, the puzzles were spatial – lakes can be crossed when frozen in winter, vines sprout and can…

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Are Some Video Games Better Off Without Sequels?


-by Dylan DiBona

While I was sweeping this morning, I decided to listen to the soundtrack of the cult classic DS game The World Ends With You (luckily it really holds up).This reminded me of a post I wrote about video game sequels we’ve waited too long for. Then I started thinking about the opposite; The World Ends With You will always be remembered as an amazing game. I loved Kingdom Hearts 2 more than any game as a child, but when I think about how it’s just one small piece of a long and stupidly convoluted timeline, my feelings are slightly diminished. Sometimes a company will give us a sequel and yet not really give us want we want, or in Square Enix’s case they’ll give us a hundred spin-offs and no sequel.

Image result for beyond good and evil

There’s really only two points I can make against sequels because let’s be frank…

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Old Shcool RuneScape: Apparently, You Can Come Home Again

Occasional Hero

The year was 2007. I was almost done with high school, and MMOs were the big thing with my gamer friends. By this time, most of my friends had moved on to World of Warcraft, but I was still sticking around the first MMO I ever played, RuneScape. I had played for nearly three years at this point, and would continue to do so for a few years after. As updates rolled by, I never thought I’d be returning to this simpler time, at least in some fashion.

Ten years later, I’ve long since moved on, and so has the game. I go back and revisit most MMOs and other games I played in my younger days, but RuneScape, for whatever reason, has never been one of them. I’ve tried a few times, but every time I do, I feel like the game has changed too much to appeal to…

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