LOTRO: Wedding crashers

Bio Break

It’s time to put away the sword for a season in Lord of the Rings Online and break out the bouquets, because Update 27: A Great Wedding arrived last week. I’ve been starving for something other than deed-treading to do, so this will do nicely indeed.

I love that it’s a huge thematic change of pace from what we’ve been doing in the last few updates. Instead of a normal adventure zone with lots of fighting and dark mysteries, we got a redecorated Minas Tirith and a wedding storyline — as well as the new Midsummer Festival.

While it completely makes sense for the game to host the wedding and festival in the city, I think we all saw the problems that it was going to cause. Lag. Confusion. Bugs. The city just isn’t optimized to have a crowd descend on it at once, even if it is an instanced…

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Twitch Affiliate: to sub or not to sub?

Later Levels

Hitting Affiliate status on Twitch is a big deal. Some streamers put so much effort into their channels, going live whenever they can to get more than 50 followers and encourage at least three viewers to stick with them, yet it can still take years to get that invitation.

Two people worthy of a mention here are Jett from In Third Person and Kevin from The Lawful Geek. We’ve followed these guys for a while now and have seen them both grow from a handful of viewers to regularly entertaining a group of followers several times a week. Jett is known in the community for being there for others when they need advice about their streaming set-ups and he’s always happy to lend a hand; and it was awesome seeing Kevin’s reaction when he received his invitation during our Shadowrun game last month.

In some ways, the COVID-19 lockdown…

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Wildspace: A Successor to Spelljammer?

Wayne's Books

Was listing a couple of later Endless Quest books. Siege of the Tower for Greyhawk Adventures setting. And A Wild Ride for… Wildspace campaign setting?

Logo comparisons

A Wild Ride (Endless Quest: Wildspace)
Written by Louis Anderson. TSR, 1994. 188 pages. ISBN 1560769289

In the shop

At Amazon

Wild Ride cover

Investigating this “Wild Space” setting, it seems that in 1994, the year after last Spelljammer releases, TSR decided to mine the best parts out of the SJ fantasy space setting for a board game: WILDSPACE.

TSR opened their 1994 catalog announcing their AdventureVision boardgame line, its conceit being gameplay preceded by a 30-minute VHS video movie. First release was the Dragon Strike board game, then would follow Wildspace.

WILDSPACE - TSR 1994 catalog pg 4WILDSPACE - TSR 1994 catalog pg 5

There would even be 4 novels based on the Wildspace game setting, also by A Wild Ride‘s Louis Anderson: Battle Against Necros, Battle Against Lord Fear, Battle Against the Flayons, and Battle Against the…

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Gamer Spotlight: Sean Capri

img_8577Sean Capri

Editor in Chief, We The Nerdy

Sean Capri is a very busy man. On top of having a full time career at the Alberta Cancer Foundation and being a proud new dad, he is one of the busiest people in the world of indie video game coverage. He has written for several years at the websiteWe The Nerdy and was recently named their new Editor in Chief. He also hosts the podcasts If We Ran Nintendo, The Xbox Drive (which he does from his car on the way to work), The Gaming Gurus, and We The GamerCast where each and every week he has sweet hangs with a stranger on the internet. He currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife and son.

What is the first video game that you remember playing?

“It’s difficult to recall which came first but I have a…

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the Hazardous Depths of the Shroom-Goblin Tesseract (part 2)

Dyson's Dodecahedron

This post continues yesterday’s description of the Shroom-Goblin Tesseract Caves. Check out yesterday’s post for an overall description of the insane residents of these caves. I’ll post as many of the rooms as I can today, but will probably finish it off on Monday as the “I” entry in the A to Z challenge (I is for Infinite Goblins?)

I’ll be honest, many of the caves were stocked using the Special Encounters tables from pages 148 & 149 of the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion book. At least for the initial inspiration.

The Tesseract Caves of the Shroom Goblins

Room Contents

1. Headquarters of the Rebel Faction – contains 4d4 goblins and two massive mutant goblins (hobgoblins). They like to sit around campfires and sing songs about being merry men and valiant robbers, but they often forget what they are singing about and start singing pro-goblin king songs… “Dance magic dance!”

2. Guardpost – two stone goblins…

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The History of VR and VR Gaming

The Nerdd

With Iron Man VR having just come out, I wanted to take a look at how Virtual Reality gaming has advanced over the years, and what we can expect from the future of VR. Also, we recently looked at the history of Video Game Consoles in general, and with the 9th generation having been recently announced, perhaps there will be more advancements in the world of Virtual Reality as well.

If you (somehow) are unfamiliar with VR, it usually is based on a headset that you put over your eyes, wherein there are two little screens that you look at. The headset keeps track of where you are and where you’re looking, so that it confuses your brain and you perceive whats on the screen as your actual reality. This video should help:

So hopefully now you have a brief understanding of VR.


One of the first instances of…

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Twitch timeout: big loves, chat

Later Levels

The COVID-19 lockdown here in the UK is now gradually starting to come to an end. Although we’re all now looking forward to getting outside and meeting up with friends and family again, nobody can deny that the past three months have been a great time for video games.

I’ve played more games since the end of March than I have done in years. Looking back over my stats, it seems as though I’ve completed over 25 titles in that period and tried a whole lot more besides. We may be missing the annual gaming expos but the digital events have made up for them somewhat by giving everyone the opportunity to experience demos from the comfort of their own homes. My wishlist continues to expand thanks to LudoNarraCon and the Steam Game Festival, with a new release being added as soon as one is removed.

drawing, man, glasses, face, Pete

But online fatigue…

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Gladiator’s Temple

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Gladiators Temple DnD Map

The digital version of Mythic Odysseys of Theros is out (but the print edition has been delayed by some sort of global pandemic). In that book I did maps of temples and temple-like structures of all the gods of the setting. For this piece, I wanted a slightly smaller structure – a minor temple of Iroas in human form where warriors and gladiators go to seek inner balance and blessings before battle.

While Iroas is normally depicted as a centaur, as the god of noble warriors minor temples of the cult are often decorated with statues of great warriors famous in the region instead of Iroas himself. This particular temple is dedicated to Iroas in the guise of a gladiator who was blessed by the god of victory and defeated all comers with nobility and as humanely as possible.

Gladiator's Temple D&D Map Gladiator’s Temple

Times have changed, and instead of gladiatorial combat the…

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Dungeons & Dragons: The Shift in Early Box Formats

Wayne's Books

In this post, I’m looking specifically at the two different formats of boxes TSR used in the late 70s and early 80s.

[This is a re-do of an earlier post I made in 2014. It was on my old blog and Google+, which are gone.]

In the D&D Basic Set (1977-9; Eric Holmes, editor; David C. Sutherland cover art), TSR used a box blank with the graphics as a glued-on sheet, both top and bottom.

Dungeons & Dragons Expert set prinitngs comparisonHolmes 5th prt set comp detail

When TSR transitioned to the 1981 Basic and Expert Sets (Tom Moldvay / Dave Cook, editors, respectively; both have Erol Otus cover art), this “glued sheet” box format was retained for a brief time, before being replaced with a box with the graphics printed directly on the paperboard.

D&D Expert Set 1st comp b

Both formats of Expert Set, side-by-side.

D&D Expert Set 1st comp aD&D Expert Set 1st comp c

Below is the inside corner of Basic Set, later-format box.

D&D Moldvay Basic set inside corner

More TSR box format switch examples:  Boot Hill early…

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Interview with a Dungeon Master: Bryce Cheatham

Truthful Game Reviews for the Adult Player

Dungeon Master: Bryce Cheatham, in the flesh!

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most creative Dungeon Masters that I have ever had the honor of meeting and playing Dungeons & Dragons with: Master Bryce Cheatham. With over 3 years of experience as a Dungeon Master, he has created numerous, masterfully created campaigns that have captivated his players time and time again.

Question 1: How did you get introduced to D&D?

Answer: “Surprisingly, it started as an addiction to story books – especially choose your own adventure types. I would spend hours on hours reading all the way through the different story lines and seeing how it would incorporate the different choices. A good one would easily end up in completely different ways than the others and this inspired me once I started to hear about D&D through Youtubers who would create wild campaigns from the…

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