Neoclassical Geek Bundle!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Right now over on the Bundle of Holding there’s a huge pile of NeoClassical Geek Revival awesomeness at a ridiculous price. The core “Dyson Illustrated” NGR PDF normally costs $10.50, and the starter collection here is only $7.95 (with the rule book, three adventures, and two supplements) and the adventures are generally dual statted for NGR and classic D&D.

Grab the NGR Bundle at Bundle of Holding now, there’s only 2 days left in this deal!

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Sunday Video Round Up: May 12 – May 18

Gamer Crash

It’s the weekend once again and that means it’s time for an all new edition of the Video Round Up! Even with E3 right around the corner, the video well continues to bear fruit. Let’s have a look at all the great video content from the gaming industry over the past week.

I know I’ve said this many times in the past here on this blog, but Blizzard’s cinematics team is on a whole nother level. The studio put out another massively impressive CG trailer with the next step in the Battle for Azeroth story line. Saurfang goes to visit an old friend, which promises to have major implications going forward.

Ubisoft also had another big week as The Division 2 recieved Title Update 3, bringing a ton of major updates, additions, and changes. Not only that, the first raid called Operation Dark Hours arrived as well, bringing the first…

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Raids week 123

Micki's Delirium

Raids 123 was May 11, 2019.

1. Old Baba’s Hut R1
Shamblertank: Erofentank. I assumed Osi would kite red crows in the outside area, but when he didn’t I tried to. Died when I got hut aggro while kiting crows. Split for sides: Left: Papewaiio, Deviltoy, Minnimi, Titusovid, Osiride, Mintcake. Right: Thazara, Erofentank, Tahlua, Goreofwar, Leolion and Torimi. Completion time: 40 minutes, 34 seconds. Loot: 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate and Savior, the Breaker of Chains.

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20 Pathfinder Witch Quest Ideas

Boccob's Blessed Blog

Witch Quest Ideas

Today’s Witch Quest Ideas come from writer/musician Mark Russel:

  1. The Usual Suspect:  A town your witch has recently been visiting starts having the local children go missing.  The leader of the local town guard suspects the witch, and it is up to them to find the children and clear their name.
  2. Improved Familiar:  Your witch’s familiar reveals that it is actually a different sentient creature.  The witch and her familiar still share the same bond, but the familiar seems distant.  When the witch questions their familiar, it lets them know that a collection of similar creatures is in danger.  This is a good way to tie Improved Familiar, a common witch feat choice, into the game world.
  3. Broken Covenant:  A coven of hags has learned about your witch, and wishes to bring them into the fold.  If your witch resists the pull, the party can seek out and destroy the…

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The Kind GM

Checking out all the maps.

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Xbox Game Pass – Games You Might Have Missed: May Edition



Another month, another great selection of titles added to XBOX GAME PASS! With such a wealth of titles, your friendly neighbourhood bearded gamers have once again cherry-picked a selection that you may have missed. This month we have put a bit more focus on some co-op titles to enjoy with your friends along with the usual selection of goodies, let’s take a look.



RE5 originally released in March 2009 and follows on from the series shake-up provided by RE4 in 2005. Returning hero Chris Redfield, who has clearly been spending a bit of time pumping iron since we last saw him, bulges his way into Africa on the trail of a shady corporation dealing bioweapons. Taking a note from RE0, Chris has an ally to aid him with his mission in the form of series newcomer Sheva, who is thankfully playable via co-op. Together the pair set…

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Gamer Crash Predicts E3 2019: Nintendo

Gamer Crash

Welcome to my E3 2019 predictions! This year we’re kicking things off with Nintendo, but make sure to keep your eyes peeled for Microsoft, Third Party, and a special look at Sony. 

For the first time, I feel like we, as a community, have a pretty good handle on what Nintendo is bringing to the table this year. They’ve been pretty open about some of the bigger names which has certainly helped fill in the various pieces of the puzzle. Still, there are some gaps, so perhaps Nintendo has a surprise or two in store for us.


The biggest wildcard for me though is the fact that Reggie is no longer around. I still feel weird saying that, but the main man retired from his position in April, passing the torch to Bowser. Well, not THAT Bowser, but Doug Bowser. I’m curious to see what he brings to the…

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25 Port City Adventure Seeds

Ready To Role

5533a307479c4db2ac4b2c150f8b6a6e Photo Credit: LotharZhou

We’re here with the 4th entry into our Adventure Seeds series (check out the new Adventure Seeds link in the header to find our previous articles), and today’s theme, by popular demand, is Port City Adventure Seeds! As I tend to run my games inland, this one was a bit of a welcome challenge for me.

Per usual, I have some assumptions about the port city in question, but you should be able to adapt any of these to fit a port city of different shape, size, or other quality. Here are the assumptions:

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Persuasion Check: Unearthed Arcana – The Artificer Returns

Ready To Role

It’s been a long, lonely two and a half months since we got our last Unearthed Arcana with the revised Artificer, but finally our friends at Wizards of the Coast have come back with even more content for the Artificer!

Rather than rehash and deep dive into every aspect of the Artificer (you can read about it here), I’m going to take a look at what they’ve added and how it changes up the class from the last version as well as give my own two cents on these additions. If you have ideas, insights, and comments that go beyond what I cover, be sure to leave them below or head over to our Discord and join the conversation!

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Dungeon Geomorphs & Dice!

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Dungeonmorph Dice & New Geomorphs

We have crossed that Kickstarter funding line, and the newest set of DungeonMorph Dice will become real! With only a week left on the 2019 DungeonMorph Dice Kickstarter, I figure I had better get some more designs out there so you can see what some of these awesome dice will look like!

2019 Inkwell Geomorphs Set 3 2019 Inkwell Geomorphs Set 3

There are a total of 15 dice in this set, which means 90 different geomorph designs to fill them all. Here are four designs for the various cavern dice in the set (clockwise from upper left)

  • A big honking cavern with a bit of a multilevel design to it.
  • A set of caves that have been partially reworked into “dungeons”.
  • Multi-tiered caves with overlooks, natural stairs, and a bridge spanning over one section.
  • A dungeon / cavern interface in the form of what is probably a shrine or temple, worked at one…

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