Recovery of an MMO Junkie Ep. 2: I kinda like this show

Moe Sucks

For some reason, I find it cute and amusing.

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4 Most Underrated PlayStation 4 Exclusives Video Games


When it comes to exclusives PS4 is on the top and this is the biggest reason why PS4 is winning against other gaming consoles. Every major developer is trying to make new stuff for PS4 and Sony has the best 1st Party developers that make the platform more valuable. We have counted down best exclusives before but it’s time for underdogs to shine and today we are counting down the most underrated PS4 exclusives you should play right now!

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#4 Most Underrated PlayStation 4 Exclusives Video Games

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DDO: puzzling a solution


Having played a good amount of Divinity Original Sin 2 recently, I have come across many instances where the group has been able to puzzle out a solution to a blockage to progress or a challenging fight through strategy and the application of items in our possession. This isn’t really about puzzles as in-game tests, but rather how you can take more than one approach to moving past an obstacle or defeating a tough opponent.

It’s a type of gameplay enabled very much by the RPG roots of D&D and similar games, in Divinity there are many different elemental-style effects and spells to consider when fighting enemies – some will have a greater effect, others a lesser or even inverted effect (e.g. poison healing undead opponents). The heritage of this is clear to see in D&D and is similarly well modelled in Dungeons & Dragons Online as well.

Beyond selecting…

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Lockboxes Suck, So How Should MMOs Monetize?

Occasional Hero

I don’t write a lot about bad monetization, because honestly, I mostly just shake my head and try to ignore it. As MMO players get more and more spread out across more games than I can count, populations of individual games keep declining. Unfortunately, in reaction to this, studios seem to have shifted focus from trying to bring in as many players as possible and keep them there to simply trying to milk the loyal players for more and more money, and the cash extraction method of choice in recent years has been lockboxes. And it’s not just an MMO problem. Physical TCGs have been doing this forever, and digital ones are no different. Pretty much every mobile game I’ve ever played has some kind of gacha mechanic. And now it’s starting to show up in mainstream AAA games like the new Star Wars Battlefront II (the 2017 one by…

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The Poisoner’s Tower

Dyson's Dodecahedron

The Poisoner keeps to himself and is a hard man to find. Few know that the studious sage in the tower outside of town is the old assassin and that the plants he grows are almost all poisonous, venomous, or both.

The Poisoner's Tower The Poisoner’s Tower

Most people coming to visit the tower do so seeking the sage’s advice – officially usually political or botanical, but often looking for access to the assassin’s guild or to acquire poisons and antitoxins.

The structure contains large window boxes for growing poisonous plants, some lab space to work on the poisoner’s craft, and the usual things you’d expect to find in an odd home (bedroom, study, secret basement with even secreter basement with a nice sturdy locking closet for keeping people against their will, or for locking yourself into to pretend to be someone needing rescue, etc.)


This map is made available to you under…

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Thaz eTR 10 part 2

Micki's Delirium

Here are some screenshots from Thaz’s epic reincarnation.

Thaz went to the reincarnation grove and clicked on the sphere

Then she chose to epic reincarnate

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4 Amazing Online Video Games with Decent Communities


If you play online games you know how bad things can get. 12 Years old everywhere raging while they are losing or just can’t keep up with the competition. Almost every popular online game has a community filled with toxicity and that is really bad for a game reputation as it will discourage newcomers to join a specific popular game. But some games have really good communities and today we are counting those games which have decent (NOT GREAT) communities. Hope you guys like it!

Rocket League

Image result for rocket league

Amazing, simply amazing. Rocket League has the perfect balance of fun and competitive gameplay and is a must for…Well anyone really. – Gamestyle

A fresh new take on football, Rocket League serves both as a fast and fun diversion as well as a deep and complex multiplayer experience to really sink your teeth into. –PC Games

Most sports would probably be better…

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Loot Crate Sealed Their Fate With Loot Vault: The Rise And Fall Of A Subscription Box

Musings of a Mario Minion

Nerd Block’s site has been conspicuously down for the past few weeks, 1Up Box has put its prices up, and gaming subscription box giant Loot Crate is losing voices with each delivery it makes. This time two years ago, these monthly deliveries of gamey, geeky goodness were firing on all cylinders. In 2017, they’re losing steam at an alarming rate.

Arcade Block subscription box sitting on a table

The concept still stands tall. Pay between $20 and $40 a month and receive a curated collection of surprise merchandise delivered straight to your door. At their height, geek and gaming subscription boxes were taking over YouTube unboxings and a handful of blogging communities, inspiring intense excitement and loyal followers. Then something happened that only a small number of enterprises can withstand. They got too big, too fast.

Loot Crate began shipping their monthly boxes of a selection of geeky items to a small following in 2012. Marketed as a…

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Thaz eTR 10

Micki's Delirium

Yesteday I eTR’d Thaz for the 10th time, got the 3rd Brace past life, and also sun domain. Here are Thaz’s before and after pictures (even though she looks almost the same).

Before                                                                         After

I will add some more pictures from Thaz’s reincarnation in the next post.

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New Super Mario Odyssey Trailer Shows-Off…Everything!


Nintendo released a new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey that shows-off everything from Mario’s new abilities, to outfits, mini-games, leaderboards, co-op mode, and even a photo mode! The star of the show might be Mario’s ability to take over enemies and objects, but this is perhaps the most feature-rich Mario game Nintendo has ever produced!  Check it out for yourself below.

(video from YouTub channel: Izuniy)

I don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet, but this just might be the game that makes me pick one up! How about you?

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