The thought of starting fresh in a MMO


I read Chestnut’s recent post about starting fresh in The Secret World with interest and a good measure of respect. Starting over in that game in particular is a major task as the game’s mechanics allow for so much ‘horizontal’ progression: your character can learn all of the skills eventually.

It’s not a situation I’ve faced often; I’m an altaholic but usually stick to one server in a given MMO (where such islands of player activity exist). I did once try to start again in LOTRO in order to play a new character with a nephew. It was truly painful, however, to not have access to all the crafting professions and other resources on my main and other alts.

Years ago I actually had some alt characters on two different WoW servers because, on occasion, Moonglade would crash or go down for urgent maintenance and we’d be forced to play…

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First Session of the City of the Gods campaign.

Dyson's Dodecahedron


Last night was the first session of a new D&D5e campaign. Unfortunately we started out short one player (who was dealing with a dog emergency and post-dog-emergency-emergency).

Since we did a session 0 at the last session, this week we started in the thick of it. Like, quite in the thick of it.

“Alright, let’s get started. Everyone, roll for initiative.”

With no memory of why they were there, the party started in a long arched chamber facing a massive construct of clocks of many types – hourglasses, waterclocks, cuckoo clocks, traditional ticking clocks, etc.

With every attack that they landed against the clockwork machinery they regained some memories of what lead them here, and with each blow it landed against them they lost other memories (such as their cousins’ names, their home address, what their mother looked like, etc) as well as taking (light) damage.

Some of the memories…

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A Quest of Impossible Demands

Erdrique's Blog

There are quite a number of epic level quests now, with that number first expanding when the Menace of the Underdark Expansion was released.  One of these earlier quests is called Impossible Demands.  Impossible Demands is a level 21 quest on epic normal.  The quest giver is Helena Falagon who is located in Eveningstar.  This quest is typically the first quest for the Darkening Story Arc, which also includes the Unquiet Graves, the Lost Thread, and the Battle for Eveningstar.  Impossible Demands is located at the Middler Farmhouse which is located a short distance into the King’s Forest, basically in a small fringe village on the outskirts of Eveningstar.

When you talk to Helena, she tells you of the various raids that have occurred on the outskirts of Eveningstar and how it appears that one family is currently being held hostage.  The family is…

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My House In TESO vs. My House In LotRO

Occasional Hero

I’m really glad ESO has added housing. I always love seeing the things players do when given creative freedom. But seriously, guys, I ran all the way to a public instance in Shadowfen from Ebonheart (because it was the closest wayshrine I’ve been to), and all you give me is the “deed” to a hotel room? (Who sells a deed to a room in an inn anyway?) They weren’t even nice enough to start me out with any crappy starter furniture; I have to go buy it off of a vendor before I could claim it. Oh, and I can put my pets and mounts inside for some reason, so if you’ve ever wanted a horse for a roommate you’re in luck. I suppose I should be grateful that I can run all the way to Shadowfen and unlock housing at level 15 thanks to level scaling, but until I…

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Trip, The Stable for A Strength Based Melee Combatant

Erdrique's Blog

There are a large number of feats in DDO, especially for those who like to engage in melee combat.  A few of these melee feats are handed out to all characters during the creation process, with one of these being Trip.  To a melee combatant, the trip feat can be extremely useful.  By building up your trip ability, a melee character can use trip as an effective crowd control mechanism, especially if you don’t have an arcane or divine caster to help stop a crowd of enemies in their tracks.

The difficulty check for a trip attempt is based on 10 + strength modifier + enhancements + vertigo bonus against an enemies strength or dexterity saves.  If a creature is tripped and subsequently knocked down, they can then make a balance check to get back up after a short period of time.  Naturally, the higher the strength score you…

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Recovery time in MMOs


Playing a few different games had me thinking of recovery time as a concept: I mean here time in-between fights where your character needs to rest or do something to recover health, mana or similar resources. The point being that in some games you do not leave a fight necessarily ready to start the next one straight away. A couple of examples will illustrate different approaches to this aspect of gameplay:

World of Warcraft: reduced downtime

These days in WoW your character generally has 100% ‘up-time’ unless you take on something bigger and badder than you, or a group of somethings. There are still differences between classes here, but the days of eating and drinking after every fight are long gone. There used to be quite a balance to downtime and uptime for some classes, even warriors without mana had to sit and eat food since they had no ability…

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Resident Evil 7 Review


…there will be blood…and tears – mostly tears.


Capcom promised they would try and return to the roots which made us all fall in love with Resident Evil originally – scary atmospheres in unsettling locales and a scarcity of supplies. Although many of people where put off by the first person perspective I am sure you are all asking one question – did they succeed?

WARNING : The following will contain MAJOR spoilers of the games story. If you haven’t finished it please go and do so then return to read the review after!

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Path of Exile: expansion news


So I haven’t talked about Path of Exile for a while, but I read over on MassivelyOP that there’s an expansion due “later this year”. Let’s hope this doesn’t come out at the same time as Morrowind!


We had fun playing Path of Exile in a trio last spring, but without new content after we’d finished the four chapters, we lost interest. The coming of six new acts is a prompt for a return to the game at some point. Apparently act 5 has a brand new area, and acts 6-10 revisit the original game areas to show how they change while you are gone (in act 5).


Not much detail at the moment but I imagine we’ll be playing some PoE again later in 2017!

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D&D Design diary: Blue Magic

The Long Shot

With my first foray into creating content for Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeon Masters Guild, i offered my own take on a popular concept: the blue mage from Final Fantasy lore.

The Dungeon Masters Guild is a new program that allows you to create content (adventures and locations; new monsters; character classes, archetypes, and backgrounds; etc.) using Wizards of the Coast intellectual property (IP) and to make some money while you’re at it. – from the DM’s Guild website

blue_mage__by_endling A Blue Mage from Final Fantasy reflects on the creatures whose abilities he’s acquired.

In the Final Fantasy games, blue mages are mystical warriors with the ability to acquire unusual powers from the monsters they face and add them to their repertoire. There are many homebrew versions of this character option for D&D across several editions. After reading a bunch of them and giving it some thought, i decided to take a…

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LOTRO: The size and shaping of Middle-earth

Bio Break


The other day I was poking through all of the additions and changes to LOTRO from the past couple of years and found this map lurking, for some reason, on the collections page.

Why isn’t this the real game map?

This is a complete side tangent to what I want to talk about today, but can I say that it’s utterly baffling that THIS isn’t the default stable and game world map? It’s so clear to understand, it shows all of the stables, and it gives a whole-world overview in one fell swoop. Why oh WHY is this shoved inside a tab inside another UI window? Why are we still using the really antiquated stable interface to get anywhere? Probably because LOTRO wants you to spend real money on buying ports to these through the maps.

Another side tangent: I only noticed last night that now that I was in…

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