Franchises that got more chances than they deserved


sonic maniaSonic Mania got released yesterday and it has been killing it in reviews. Yet I think that this game is one that the franchise has not earned…

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Episode 216: A Counterpoint to Why eSports Should Be Olympic Events As Soon As Possible

3rd World Geeks


You may have read my colleague’s argument that the realm of eSports shouldn’t be in the Olympics in 2024. He does bring up some decent arguments, like it would definitely create controversy and the decision of what games will become medal events will definitely irk some dedicated video game fanbases. However, I don’t necessarily have to agree with what he said. In fact, I would be a staunch advocate for actually allowing the eSports into the Olympics sooner rather than later.

The biggest argument against video games entering the world of Olypics sports would be that you don’t need to be a world class athlete to play them. There’s a belief that there are no physical demands to playing video games because all you’re doing is pushing a mouse around and pressing a few buttons. Well, yeah, that’s what gamers are doing when they command their Heroes to attack…

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18 Of The Best Retro Games On iPhone Right Now

Musings of a Mario Minion

Retro gaming on iPhone has seen highs and lows in its category lifetime. From brilliant titles like Ghosts n Goblins and The Secret of Monkey Island coming and promptly going again, to disturbingly shoddy bedroom remakes popping up, it’s been a hit and miss market. We seem to be seeing a retro renaissance on the iPhone at the moment, however, with Atari and Sega chiming in with their own backlogs to provide some excellent experiences on the small screen. So, here’s 18 of the best retro games on iPhone available in 2017.

iPad playing retro Super Mario game

Crazy Taxi

The roads are safe no longer! Crazy Taxi is available on iPhone for free right now, with all the road rage and near-misses you could ever desire from the arcade classic. Crazy Taxi brought the driving frenzy to homes with its console debut on the Sega Dreamcast, and now players can whip it out of their…

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Gamevice is Suing Nintendo


In recent gaming news, it has come to my attention that a company called Gamevice is suing Nintendo.  Gamevice has created detachable controllers that attach to smartphones and tablets in much the same way as the Joy-Con controllers attach to the Switch.  If you’re interested in reading more, the web site I visited was CNBC.

Looking at both the Nintendo Switch and Gamevice controller, I suppose such a lawsuit is…understandable, as far as lawsuits go, as I do agree that both devices look pretty similar.  What I find very crazy, however, is that Gamevice is demanding that Nintendo cease making and selling the Switch altogether.  Furthermore, Gamevice is claiming that Nintendo is greatly hurting them and should award them some as-of-yet undetermined sum of money to make up for the “injury” Gamevice has suffered.

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Infested Hall (with video)

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In the lowest chambers of the ancient complex is a great hall now known as “the infested hall”. A two-level chamber cut into the depths. The original chamber had a small reflecting pool at one end that was used primarily for religious and ceremonial purposes but that was also a backup water supply for the complex. When the complex was sacked and destroyed, the hall was used as a latrine by invading forces and the reflecting pool broken allowing water to seep into the rest of the chamber.

In the years since, the floor of the chamber has become overrun with fungi of all scales, with some mushroom caps being nearly 10 feet across. A few violet fungi slowly shift through the area, seeming to herd themselves and the other fungi closer and further from the water as needed.

The Infested Hall The Infested Hall

However, like any other good dungeon location, a…

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Going a little Haywire

Even Now

Last stream before Gen Con! Boo-yah!

We’d been kind of intending to run some more Crystal Cove for this week’s stream, but over the past few nights we’ve managed to get five of us through the first three quests in the Vault of Night chain. That left us with only Haywire Foundry to be flagged for the raids. And since we’ve run, like, A LOT of Cove over the past week or so, we decided to finish up VoN flagging instead.

Meren the gimpy Favored Soul was glad for a chance to use the Mace of Smiting she’s been toting around. It’s just been sitting there taking up inventory space but not getting much use – that changed what with all the various mechanical beings scattered throughout the Foundry. This helped her stay ahead of Arkyn the hire, the two arti dogs, and the inimitable Misadventure in the kill count…

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Let’sa Talk About…: Italian Plumbers


We’re back with our “Let’s Talk About…” series! Check out the previous chats here.

Let’sa Talk About… Mario Paint

That was unexpected, wasn’t it?

Image result for mario paint

I seriously loved this game so much growing up. There is literally nothing I don’t like about it. I always thought it was so cool that not only were you using a computer mouse on a video game console (which made me wonder if I could ever plug a video game controller into a computer, an idea I now realize I should have patented back then), but the whole idea of not only being able to create your own art, stamps, and simple animation loops, but also be able to create and play your own musical creations using sound effects instead of notes, was just amazing.

Image result for mario paint music theme song

I realize now that I used that game like an ear-training exercise, since each line of music was a…

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Gaming Doesn’t Need To Be in the Olympics Now

3rd World Geeks

One thing that’s been making waves in the video game world is the possibility that eSports will be entering the sporting world of the actual Olympics. For gamers all over the world, this is big news. The mere chance of playing video games may net you a medal in the Olympics is pretty mind blowing. This may legitimize eSports for mainstream audiences as it may prove that there is some physical and mental aptitude involved if the Olympic board approves this. This may also may get more people to watch the actual Olympics as well because worldwide viewership of video game tournaments have now exceeded the viewership numbers of even some sporting events. If it does happen, it does seem like a good thing, right?

It does seem like it but looks can be deceiving. As much as I would love to turn on the Olympics and see people playing some…

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Raids week 39

Micki's Delirium

I eTR’d Thaz July 30th, and then I was away last weekend, so raids were cancelled. I was trying to get Thaz back to cap before this week’s raids, but didn’t quite make it. I didn’t want to run Thaz in RSO without the level 30 ring I made for it, so I decided to run Maidae instead. I posted for the raids (Tempest’s Spine) at exactly 3 pm EST, and I somewhat quickly got a few joiners. I was a bit worried that I would have issues getting joiners posting on another character than usually, but my worry was in vain. It took 15-20 min to have enough people to start. Fire and ice went really well and we were quickly on our way to the end fight. We managed to do the end fight without Sorjek resetting this time. The raid finished in 24 minutes.

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My Favourite Runs from ESA 2017


ESA 2017.pngWell, I’m still catching up but I am getting there!

A few weeks ago now the ESA occurred. For those who are not in the know, the ESA is the European Speedrunners Assembly and it is; unsurprisingly, a speedrunning marathon that heavily features the best of the European crop of speedrunners. It’s slowly gaining momentum and traction on Twitch and this marathon was its best yet (don’t get me wrong though, it still has a long way to go to truly rival GDQ).

This year was a damn good marathon with a lot of games and categories that GDQ just don’t feature.

Unfortunately they are also severely unbudgeted and as a result their upload time to YouTube is incredibly slow – right now (10th August), there are only 40 videos to watch of the speedruns. So rather than this being a definitive “BEST OF” this is a “best of” of…

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