The six stages of open-world relationships

Later Levels

Following on from last week’s post, my rediscovered-addiction to The Elder Scrolls Online continues. I’ve managed to tear myself away for long enough to be able to get a few hours in with a couple of other games, but I’ve paid frequent visits to my High Elf in the land of Auridon to complete a quest or two each time.

During one such excursion, I was reminded of a post written by Luke at Hundstrasse back in September about open-world titles and the way he tackles them. This got me thinking about my own process and it suddenly dawned on me: it’s kind of like being in a relationship. A union which is passionate whirlwind full of exciting discoveries and tempestuous arguments, split into six distinct stages before its sad demise…

1: The infatuation stage

The first stage in a new relationship is filled with intense attraction and an…

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Thoughts on Character Boosts

Me Vs. Myself and I

In this age of MMORPGs, most have become so large that new players might not want to get started from scratch, and some old timers might want to skip through newbie content with an alt, or perhaps skip a couple of expansions that they missed. Took a break from your favorite game? We’ve got you covered! Introducing: Character Boosts!

Of course, savvy internet denizens such as yourselves are familiar with the terminology. You took a break from your MMO of choice, “never to return” and yet here you are a couple of years later, thinking about rejoining that guild or those friends but alas: you’re under-leveled. You know you could just buy the new expansion and slog through the old content to catch up with your friends, but by then they’d already be raiding or playing some other game altogether. It’s happened to us all. For a while, you…

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DDO: The greatest show on Eberron

Bio Break

When I play MMOs — or most video games, really — one of the biggest things that I chase and desire is story. I want a good tale. I want to witness, or better yet be involved with, a great story. It’s why I’ve always gushed about Secret World and its storytelling chops, and it’s why a memorable gaming session can be made in an instant when a good story appears. It’s also why Dungeons and Dragons Online is just amazing me this year, because it’s a chain of stories that seem to keep getting better the more I progress.

This past week I moved into House Phiarlan to quest, and during the course of seven days, I recruited a giant into a theater troupe, infiltrated a high society club, chased a rascal across the rooftops, and visited a devil-infested circus.

Yeah. I’m swimming in story. Oh, and I got…

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My Personal Favorite RPG Games of 2017


I love RPG games. I love the sense of freedom and the reality mixed with a bizarre fantasy world. Managing, Upgrading your character gives an amazing feeling of accomplishment. 2017 was a really good year for RPG games and some hardcore fans of genre got games that they needed.

I compiled my favorite RPG games of 2017



No game has captured the nuance of pen-and-paper RPG quite like Divinity: Original Sin 2. Every moment is filled with meaningful choice with real consequences, and every character has a story to tell. In an RPG landscape where dialogue options are dumbed down, and quests have become package delivery to a specific map coordinate, Divinity: Original Sin 2 stands out as one of the best RPGs I’ve played in a decade…maybe even longer than that. – GamingTrend
Stop whatever it is you’re doing right now, and go play this game…

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Listmas 2017: 5 Games That Kicked My Butt


With Christmas arriving in just a few more weeks, it seems like a time to be positive.  To be filled with holiday cheer and good will towards men and women and little children alike.  Even so, I’ve never been the most optimistic person out there, so inevitably my thoughts turn to things like…the games that have reminded me that even the most seasoned of gamers aren’t perfect.  But hey, if we’re gonna put a positive spin on this, at least there’s nothing wrong with a bit of humility, right?  Coming up, a list of five games that kicked my feathery behind.  And two of these still do.

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There’s Something About Delera(‘s Tomb)

Citi Plays DDO

Adventure Pack Highlight: Delera’s Tomb

ScreenShot00333 Delera’s Tomb Loading Screen

First off, let me apologize for the lateness of this post. I started putting it together early in the week, but things didn’t work out, and now it’s late due to my indecision.

You see, I began this post as an attempt to give a list of easy to acquire gear for new players around the levels Four (4) to Nine (9), and wound up realizing there was no such thing except for the random loot gained from chests and end rewards. It became obvious that that would not make for a very good subject, since the possible variations were endless, and there was no such thing as a guarantee.

Instead, I decided to take this opportunity to highlight one of my favorite adventure packs in DDO; Delera’s Tomb. There are many reasons why this pack has long been one of…

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9 Nintendo Switch Indie Games You Can’t Ignore In 2018

Musings of a Mario Minion

Nintendo was perhaps the biggest phoenix of 2017, so what does 2018 hold for the year’s biggest success story, and where do Nintendo Switch indie games come in?

Nintendo’s incredible comeback from WiiU infamy arrived in the form of the Nintendo Switch and the console has gone from software strength to strength throughout the year. As more and more third-party AAA developers look to bring their blockbuster releases to the hybrid screen, it’s the Nintendo Switch indie games that are cleaning up the eShop. So, here’s 15 indie titles headed to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Suda51’s No More Heroes series has been anticipating a new instalment for a few years now. So, when Nintendo was having a particularly indie moment in September it was time to formally announce Travis Strikes Again. The third title in the series will bring the work of 15 Nintendo Switch…

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Favorite Video Games of 2017

The Gaming Teacher

This year was a genuine joy for me in regards to gaming. I played some great indies, enjoyed some stellar open-world RPGs, tried a JRPG for the first time, and bought a Switch, bringing me back in touch with Nintendo. From innovative indies like Snipperclips to much anticipated AAA titles like Destiny 2, gamers of all sorts had more options and opportunities for both unique and tried-and-true formulas in gaming this year.

In reflection of a year well spent, I present a very brief post of my top 10 favorite video games of 2017. I debated briefly whether to compile a list of “favorite” or “best” and ultimately decided that I’d rather share the joys of gaming than to necessarily debate the “best” games of 2017.

I hope you enjoy, and please feel free to share in the comments some of your favorite games of the year!

10. Everybody’s…

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Into the Mists #ddounlimited #ravenloft


This weekend I got to try out the newly launched Mists of Ravenloft expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online. The content is for level 10 (or level 30), and on my new server I only have a level 5 artificer so far.  Rather than wait through those levels I took this as an incentive to buy an Iconic hero character, a level 15 Bladeforged.

The little intro instance for the Bladeforged (a Warforged hero with the Paladin class by default) was very atmospheric, as a big fan of Eberron I was impressed with the little lore touches in the creation forge area. I chose to take a full 15 levels of Paladin, manually leveling the character would be more customisable but too time-consuming an endeavour for a solo character. Paladin is one of my favourite classes to play in any MMORPG anyway, and again the Eberron-specific Warforged character appealed more…

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Sunday Video Round Up: December 3 – 9

Gamer Crash

This week is really the perfect example for why I ultimately moved the Round Up to Sunday. This week was a big one in the industry as a couple of major game events happened. On my old schedule, the article would have been posted early Saturday morning, essentially cutting off the PlayStation experience content. While there wasn’t a ton of major surprises, there’s a couple of new videos from the show waiting for you below.

Obviously, the biggest thing this week was The Game Awards, an annual event put out by Geoff Keighley to essentially celebrate the best games from the past year. Not only does the event hand out awards, but the show has also become a spot to announce all sorts of new games or release “world exclusive” trailers. Since this is a ‘Round Up’ I’ve gathered each and every announcement for you below. Enjoy!

I’ve also got new…

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