Special and Collector’s Editions: What Makes You Want to Upgrade?


Last month Rockstar Games announced its special and ultimate editions of Red Dead Redemption 2. If spending your standard sixty dollars on the regular game isn’t enough, for eighty bucks you can get the special edition that includes a side mission that’s not in the regular game (and one that’s not integral to its story, so says the company) and some freebies – an actual map, a fancy horse, a cool outfit, some special weapons, and other bonuses. Tack on another twenty dollars and you can get yourself the ultimate edition, which includes all the special edition content and even more extra online content. And hey, if you’ve got even more change to spare, you can get the RDR2 collector’s box. No game included, but rather it contains a host of fun RDR2-themed goodies, like playing cards and a puzzle. 

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From the DM’s Chair: Filling in the blanks and ways to start your campaign


So, you’ve got your setting map all laid out and an overall idea of the big picture of your campaign. We’re not ready to start our campaign yet, however. Drawing the map is only half the battle for making a setting, it still needs filling. After all, a world isn’t just a map with a few interesting landmarks, it’s people, places and problems, all of which are present for the players entertainment and engagement.

Welcome to from the DM’s chair, I’m Shadowonthewall and, today, we’ll be looking at how to put the finishing touches on your D&D campaign setting. First thing’s first, a quick recap. Last session I talked about world building and provided an example of the map for my campaign setting: Dorvine and the distant continent of Ustegard. Here’s the map I created for the setting below, and in this next section, I’m going to try and give…

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What I Learned from White Plume Mountain

The Learning DM

dnd_products_dndacc_s-series_pic3_enIn my group’s monthly sessions this summer, I’ve been running White Plume Mountain. It can be found in the recent premium hardcover adventure compilation Dungeons of Dread. Back in the day, I was mainly reading the Basic D&D material, so I never got to experience White Plume Mountain before. Looking over it as a D&D Next DM, I thought it would be lots of fun to run, and to see what my players came up with. I thought I would share some tips for running your Next playtest characters through the crazy dungeon of the enigmatic wizard Keraptis.

The first problem I needed to overcome was the level of the adventure. My PCs are 10th level, and that is the upper end of the recommended range. Next characters feel more hardy than 1E characters anyway, so I knew I’d have to adjust some things here and there. Thankfully…

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From the DM’s Chair: Session Zero


lAnQATA2_0611151527321 Rolling up characters together gives a great chance for players to learn about each other and can be introduced to your new world together. Artwork taken from Comicfans.com, piece by Milivoj Ceran.

When coming to start a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, laden down with notes, books and plotted maps of a freshly detailed setting, the first thing many a DM desires is to do is jump straight into the action, get the story going immediately, and there is nothing wrong with this approach. However, there is another way which, in the long run, might give your players, and yourself, more satisfaction.

Welcome to From the DM’s Chair, I’m Shadowonthewall and today, we’ll be looking at how to start off your Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Now, after all the time I’ve spent writing about developing settings, you’d think we were done with our preparation stages. Before you can even think about…

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Level One Wonk: Fantasy

Cannibal Halfling Gaming

It’s the genre that started it all, and it has set the baseline for what people think of when they hear the term “role-playing game”. It’s a literary genre of astonishing breadth, that still seems to get people thinking about elves and wizards. So why is fantasy role-playing such a different animal than fantasy in general? And what sort of games are hiding in the wings around the 500 pound Gygaxian elephant in the room? Today, the Level One Wonk is going to look around what fantasy role-playing is, how it’s related to fantasy literature, and what that all means when it comes time to sit down and roll dice.

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MyDDO: Tales from the Table

Mops Entertainment

I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for the last ten years, and over this last ten years I have gathered quite a few stories from the table top. Also I am a big fan of Counter Monkey. So why am I filing the intro into MyDDO? Well, because I don’t want to share just mine. I want to share your stories as well. I want to hear your tales of your parties exploits, and I want to put them here for all to see. So if you have a story your willing to share, e-mail it to me at TalesfromtheTable@outlook.com. Send me the story, the name you wish to be credited as, and any other information you want on the article. I hope to get some fun stories to put up. You can find Tales from the Table here. Next time, I tell the story of…

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Four Against Darkness – Proving Grounds of the Mad Ogre Lord

Dyson's Dodecahedron

One more game of Four Against Darkness and it proved (finally) that with familiarity I can actually get a game played in the time suggested (45 minutes). Again, this was played using the suggested half-sheet page size (it is actually on the same page as the Crypt of the Queen of Bones), so it is somewhat more dense than the first dungeon I explored.

Proving Grounds of the Mad Ogre Lord Proving Grounds of the Mad Ogre Lord

This game included the first time I’ve ever actually worried about the fates of my characters in combat (as opposed to worrying about the medusa’s gaze). My dice were against me and The Mad Ogre Lord was nigh unassailable, and if the Priest of Marduk hadn’t intervened with two healing spells during the battle, Red Dougal the rogue would have been reduced to an ugly red smear on the floor.

But in the end the Ogre fell, Red Dougal…

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Metacognition: Zombie Dead-Ication


We’re back with our “thinking about thinking” series! If you’re interested in our previous deep thoughts, check out the Metacognition series.  Join us for some deep thoughts (and maybe the occasional not-so-deep thought) about gaming. If you find one you’d like to answer, you can either comment below or write a post and share the link so we can all read your fantastic thoughts!

Should you ever feel guilty about killing a zombie?

We’re very close to celebrating our Independence Day here in the good ol’ US of A, but unfortunately it seems like we’re less “U” than we have been in a while.

Holy Maker, Athena. Stick to the video games.

what-figureA few years ago, The New York Times asked a series of questions for high schoolers to answer, one of which was whether or not a person should feel bad about killing zombies in a video game. That…

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Requested WF Amalgam Fighter

DDO Build Masters

Thematically a tactics based kensei with trapper abilities and a focus on movement.

Being a WF and having trash light armor options, I’m going to throw in 2 monk for movement rate to fit the theme and make up a feat over 2 fighter. With 2 in I’m saying 3 for healing mark. Would love to go 6 monk for shadow fade and adept. 6 monk breaks even vs 6 fighter for feat numbers, but we need 16 ftr for the sweet +8 to tactics.

With this split we’ll be looking at 9 fighter feats and 2 monk feats. Looking to take improved trip, stunning blow as well as a fighting line and monk stances.

We have the option of going staff or going daggers with access to Vistani tree. I’m going to write for staff, but it could be adapted for daggers. For a dagger build, I’d trade rog…

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Four Against Darkness – Party Sheet

Dyson's Dodecahedron

In the photo I posted of my setup to play Four Against Darkness a couple of days ago, there was an alternate Party Record Sheet that a few people have asked me about. It is one I drew up quickly for my first session, so it might evolve a bit as I keep playing the game.

Click on the image to be taken to the full size version.

Four Against Darkness Party Record Four Against Darkness Party Record

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