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Short anecdote: today I spoke to several of the students who had taken home rules to read and digest. The most confident of those was one of the older boys who had claimed the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual, and DM’s Screen. I asked him how it was going:

“There’s a lot of words in those books and I think I’d like to find something with less words.”

This made me smile. I did mention that I would soon have another Starter Set if that would be more useful, a comment that was met with a nod and smile. But the key reflection we shared was how much the book had grown since 1981. This was a reference to the Basic D&D (1981) book I have been running at the school club.

On reflection, it’s curious to note that most teens seem to cherish the large…

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Beneath the Manor of the Doomed

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Beneath the Manor of the Doomed
Beneath the Manor of the Doomed (300 dpi promo)

Beneath the old Chienard Manor can be found both basements (and a once-extensive wine cellar) and the family crypts. Recently these have been expanded upon by what the Chienards can only suspect are their own ancestors turned upon them for a lack of proper worship and respect.

The main basement is accessed via the stairs in the collapsing wing of the house – this part of the basement is in ill repair and is likely to collapse like the building above. The basement’s southern sections include an extensive wine cellar that reeks of vinegar and ruined wine – the bottles supposedly smashed by one of the ancestors to deny them to the current generation. There is also a secret door in the main storage chamber of the basement that leads down to the family crypts below…

Beneath the Manor of the Doomed
Beneath the Manor of the…

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The Torchbearers: 5 Leagues from the Borderland Campaign

Geek Ken

After establishing the threats to the Nentir Vale, the next step was to gather adventurers for my warband. I fully embraced the random generation charts but still ended up with a group of humans. Their backgrounds ranged from townsfolk, sturdy frontiersmen, and even a zealot. I also wanted to dabble in magic and chose one of my heroes to be a mystic.

For gear, I was able to wrangle up a few quality weapons and some simple enchanted items. I loved the idea of a rough and tumble barbarian with just enough charisma to gather a group under their leadership. So I chose Takari to be my warband leader wielding a bastard sword. I definitely wanted some ranged attackers and selected Kester, a tradesman-turned-adventurer, who opted to finally wield the crossbows he diligently made for years in the city. There was also Sigmund, the zealot monk on a mission to…

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Games Into the Hands of Teens

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This evening I had the very great privilege of being able to give five students at the school D&D club a game to take home and learn how to play, all with the intention of becoming Game Masters. To be honest, it’s the best and fastest uptake I’ve ever had – the enthusiasm to learn and offer a game to friends was palpable. It was only possible because the RPR Patrons made it so – thank you, every one of you!

Here’s what different students took away to use:

  1. D&D Basic Rules booklet (printed copy of the free rules on Wizards’ site)
  2. D&D Starter Set (5th Edition) – the Phandelin one
  3. D&D Player’s Handbook + Monster Manual + DM’s Scrren Reincarnated + Goblin Henchman’s Face Folio
  4. Basic Fantasy RPG + Morgansfort
  5. Basic Fantasy RPG + The Caves of Chaos
  6. Everyone got some polyhedral dice

Honestly, I could probably have given…

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Play What You Want

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Here’s a meme that’s been going around.

Henry, Sr. shouldn’t have slapped Indy. He should have used a baseball bat.

As you know (if you’ve ever read my blog), I’m running 1st Edition Dungeons & Dragons for the first time in 40 years, and I’m in talks with Luddite Vic about organizing a 4th Edition game. Moreover, in the back of my mind, I’m contemplating a FASA Star Trek RPG game. That one may never happen because I’d absolutely have to run that online to find any players, but it’s certainly something I’d like to do in theory.

The point is that all of that material has been sitting on my shelf for years (if not decades) collecting dust, but it’s still as good as it ever was. The potential is…

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Boss Rush Banter: Which Super Mario Galaxy Level is Your Favorite?

It’s been 15 years since the gravity-bending Super Mario Galaxy graced our screens with its unique controls and approach to platforming.

Additionally, this game came on the heels of a disappointing outing for the rotund plumber as Super Mario Sunshine didn’t bring in the success many thought it would. Super Mario Galaxy shattered expectations and became a bona fide classic.

The accolades are there showing a lot of love for the game and that is, in part, because of its level design.

Galaxy features 42 total worlds called galaxies. This game broke them into robust galaxies (15) featuring multiple missions, mystery galaxies (20) that feature one mission, and boss galaxies (six) which feature a boss battle.

These numbers shatter previous 3D Mario total worlds, featuring a diverse universe to explore.

That said, which galaxy is your favorite?

Image Credit:Nintendo (via Super Mario Wiki)

One of my favorites…

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D100 Dungeon Book

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Just a quick note to say the D100 Dungeon book came (finally) this week and it’s great to have it on paper because it makes flipping between the various tables much easier than using the digital version. I did a review and example of play earlier in the month, so I’ll just leave you with a couple of photos.

Game on!

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D&D Ultra-rare: Lost Caverns of Tsojconth (1976) – The Original Edition of AD&D Module S4

The second module ever written for Dungeons & Dragons was a 1976 game convention tournament adventure written by Gary Gygax: The Lost Caverns of Tsojconth. In 1982, TsojcOnth would be heavily re-worked and released as the classic module S4: TsojcAnth. Why did the spelling change? I have no idea. What was the first D&D module?…

Source: D&D Ultra-rare: Lost Caverns of Tsojconth (1976) – The Original Edition of AD&D Module S4

GURPS Random Characters

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I’ve mentioned before that one of the features I enjoy from classic GURPS is the chapter on Random Characters. At the weekend, I dug out my GURPS 1st Edition boxed set and had an absolute blast rolling up some characters using those rules. There are three reasons why I think having those rules is cool.

Firstly, random characters give GURPS a truly quick character creation system. This is invaluable for Open Table play, where you need to onboard players within about 15 minutes. This is also useful for pick-up games. For me, the best use is for giving me a way to generate interesting characters for a solo game.

Secondly, the rules fit the classic roleplaying tradition of eschewing game balance concerns in order to give players meaningful choices to make within the game world. Rolling up a character gives a vast range of character ability but also provides an…

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