Manor of the Doomed

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Manor of the Doomed
Manor of the Doomed (300 dpi promo)

The old Chienard manor sits on the hills southeast of the fortified town of Smallharbour where it is slowly collapsing while the owners hide in the parts of the structure that are still mostly sturdy. The carriage house is abandoned and part of the floor has collapsed into tunnels beneath it. The north end of the manor has also fallen in on itself, taking both the sitting room and the master bedroom with it. The Chienards are said to be cursed for their lip service to their ancestral gods, the manor doomed, and the elders of the family line digging themselves out of their ancestral crypts…

Manor of the Doomed
Manor of the Doomed (1200 dpi)

Or it could just be that the Chienards have bad luck and worse finances – the family fortunes sunk into poorly managed investments and the destruction of the old family orchards…

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PlayStation 5 Takes Top Spot in European Monthly Console War, Knocking Off Nintendo Switch

Europe has a new gaming king.

The PlayStation 5 became the top-selling console in Europe during October 2022, beating out the Nintendo Switch for the first time since September 2021. This shift also marked the first time the Switch was not the top-selling console in Europe since October 2021.

The data, which doesn’t include the U.K or Germany, comes from ISFE, Europe’s Video Game Industry. The organization compiles the numbers under its Game Sales Data (GSD) umbrella.

GSD shows a 33% decline from the previous year. That said, Xbox Series X/S did see an increase, jumping 26% from last year. The data reflected 367,821 consoles were sold last month in Europe.

In the U.K., Growth for Knowledge reflected 175,000 consoles were sold in the country. The PlayStation 5 edged out Xbox Series X/S with the Switch in third. The Switch recently overtook Xbox One in all-time U.K. sales, eying…

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Alea Iacta Est!

Roleplay Rescue’s Blog

Following a thoroughly interesting and deep conversation with Simon Williams from the Legend of the Bones podcast about solo roleplaying last evening, I found myself curiously drawn back to an old favourite d20-based roleplaying game. Picking up my copy of the Castles & Crusades box set, I found myself seriously considering using it for some solo gaming.

The idea arose because of two colliding thoughts: first, Simon had been explicit about how playing a game solo could be so much more richly focused on Otherworld-immersion when one focuses away from the rules and mechanisms to instead truly engage with roleplaying – i.e., playing in role and making decisions in role.

The second thought was the idea Simon asserted of playing in a game that is what you would enjoy playing and not being beholden to the tastes of any other player. As I considered this, I realised that I’ve been…

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Retro Arcadia Weekly Spotlight #57

Retro Arcadia

Time for our regular roundup of quick-fire reviews and impressions of everything under the spotlight at Retro Arcadia this week, old and new and a bit of both…

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown has been sitting unloved in my Xbox game library for far too long – in fact, I don’t think I’d ever even fired it up before, so I did, and then a happy accident happened… While I’ll normally take the, er, “bounciest” option when I’m starting out on any new fighting game, this time I got a bit button-happy in the menus and ended up choosing the oversized sumo guy, Taka-Arashi, by mistake on my very first character-select screen. Rather than more menus, though, I thought I’ll try him out, and then we really clicked – hell of a brutal fighting style! We even got to the end of the arcade mode together. I don’t know much…

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The Need To Roll

Roleplay Rescue’s Blog

Walking across the school yard this morning, I had my hands in my pockets and felt the three six-sided dice I usually carry drop into my hand. As I sensed the dice it also occurred to me that it’s been several weeks since I rolled them in a game. The sense of loss and sadness was suddenly overwhelming: I need to roll these dice!

As I have entered into a deeper and deeper hibernation within my hobby, I’ve also felt myself increasingly saddened by the loss of enjoyment that ceasing to play causes. On the one hand, I don’t have the energy and interest to drive my motivation – especially given how hard running a game can be – but on the other hand I am drawn towards the dice, maps, and imaginary worlds that I love.

The answer, as I have mentioned before, is not to rely on…

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Chambers of the Copper Skulls

Dyson's Dodecahedron

Chambers of the Copper Skulls
Chambers of the Copper Skulls (300 dpi promo, no commercial license)

This multi-level dungeon is hidden deep in the Count’s Woods, where only hunting parties looking for the mighty knife-boars travel. The local orcs occasionally catch and train knife-boars for some of the more frightening goblin boar-riders have their own tales about this place and the heavy solid copper skulls found within. The skulls are evidently cursed, and of the 15 originally found within the chambers, 14 have been returned. The fifteenth is believed lost in the lava flow that destroyed the army of Grokgoth Hammertooth when he carried the potent magical artifact into battle.

Chambers of the Copper Skulls
Chambers of the Copper Skulls (1200 dpi – click for high res)

Chambers of the Copper Skulls
Chambers of the Copper Skulls (1200 dpi no grid – click for high res)

Each of the copper skulls has a unique magical power, but they all bring mortal curses down upon those…

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Boss Rush Banter: What Brings You Back to Replay a Game?

We recently moved house. Something I haven’t done by choice or necessity for almost a decade. And you don’t really realize how stiff the roots you put down are until you have to dig them back up. To extend the metaphor, you also don’t realize how much dirt goes flying when those roots finally give! The literal mess I’m left with is made up of unmarked boxes, stuff I forgot I owned and don’t need that is unpacked and looking for a new home, and essential stuff, like my Play Station, that is boxed up and waiting for its spot under the TV. It’s responsibly out of reach until just as soon as I’ve settled in enough to deserve a little down time.

But this forced sabbatical from games has really got me thinking about what I’ll fire up the moment that last crate of clothes is in our closet…

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Our Season Finale of Curse of Strahd

Nerd Rambles

After over a year’s worth of suffering, angst and all-around bad times for our characters, ourCurse of Strahdcampaign had its season finale last Sunday.

In short, we decided to move on to another campaign for a while, leavingCurse of Strahdon a cliffhanger we will return to at a later date.

Oh man, it’s been a wild one. We have all lost at least one character during this campaign and my friend Becca even lost two! This was my first time dealing with character death which sucked since I liked my good boy Zyn Zoland. Anyone who has playedCurse of Strahdknows how brutal a campaign setting it is.

So, what happened in our final session?

To make a very long story short, a former member of the party that we thought might be dead turned out to be alive and was due to marry…

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